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What if i do 2 services from on account , is it going to be a problem for me

hello , how are you all ? i just wanted to know that if i put 2 services on 1 account like "digital marketing " and "graphics design " together , is it okay or is it gonna bring problem for me ? looking for suggestion
thanks for your kind support

That won’t be a problem. Many sellers create Gigs in multiple categories.


are you sure about it ? that it wont be a problem like for getting orders

It can be nice to specialise in one thing, but it’s not essential. There are many sellers on this forum who offer multiple different services and are very successful. People can have multiple talents, after all.

It’s probably more essential you prove yourself if you’re offering multiple services. Have a nice portfolio attached to each Gig. Takes some tests. Accumulate good feedback. List any relevant qualifications.

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