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What If I don't use my actual picture in my profile?

MG If I use this image that supports my user name, am I be less trusted?

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This is about how it would appear under your thumbnail:


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This all depends. Your avatar is essentially your Logo or Brand identity so if you can build your brand better with these letters and squiggles than with your face, then it is the right choice.

I will say that without context the image is not leading me anywhere. But similarly, some guy in a jacket tells me nothing either.

I used my fine face for ages with no notable impact either way. I swapped recently to my record and whilst the ladies were distraught, and some dill said that no one could understand what a record was anymore, it has not impacted either way on my business.

I think Ms 7413 has a point though about how well it scales. An artiste de graphique with a poor logo is a questionable statement to make :wink:



Some people use their logos, some actual pictures. A picture is better. If you are using a work logo, something to do with your gigs it is fine.

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I agree with @benedictrm
It depends on your gigs. If it can help show your works quality then you can use it.

The problem is: Your MG is very strange.
Smoke with Cartoon Bird?
What is the idea you want to show to your potential customer.

Black Smoke usually for Manly Hard Core.
But use you “Rounded” Funny Font with Red Blue Bird Cartoon?
It’s very contradicting.
and the bird inside the logo…, some of them only shown the bird butt? Why?


I haven’t think yet like you. I have just try to make a graphical illusion there. Thanks for your reply.

Yes, you get the right purpose of mine that I want to use. Thanks for your advice.