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What if I failed the fiverr skill test due to slow Internet?

Hi friends, Two days back I tried to appear in fiverr skill test so that it will boost up profile.
After starting the test,I lost my Internet connectivity. And after resuming the Internet fiverr is showing I failed in test.
This is not my fault and I want to know whether It will hamper my profile, I mean no of orders. And if it is how can I overcome this issue…

Please suggest…


Sorry I can’t help I actually never heard about the fiverr skill test :confused:


I work in Graphic Design and Photo Editing category. And I am near to get my level 1 status.2 days back a new option was visible on my profile. It was skill test option. I thought I should appear in Skill Test of Photoshop.This will definitely boost up my profile.
But then this Internet connectivity issue happened and I failed.

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how to give the test? never heard of it :slight_smile:

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Go to your profile section view page. see in left side below your skill section. If you are eligible then there will be highlighted text called “Skill Test” given by fiverr. Click on it and select your test topic. It is multiple type questions set of 40 questions.
But make sure you do all this in desktop and bowser is chrome. Good Internet connection is need because it is live test. Once you start you cannot go back cannot do other things means can take screen shots etc…
Initially I have also not seen this but now I am seeing on my profile.
Scoring good marks it will be visible on your profile and fiverr would also promote because they know you are the best candidate.

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Not to worry you can always take the test again.


For those who are not aware of the test please see the link below


Thanks glendrisholderc.
I will attempt again but this time I will check everything before hand means Internet Connection and PC status etc.
I know I can easily clear the test and boost up my profile.


If you fail it won’t show. You also have the option of hiding any low tests scores.

For example, here you see two of my tests.


What you won’t see is this part.

I think passing isn’t good enough, because Fiverr is displaying the score and a score under 9 doesn’t look very promising in my opinion.

By the way, the “translation skill” tests you see under, those I haven’t taken. Fiverr is suggesting that I take them, but it’s not mandatory.


Though you can set it to not show, what we don’t know is whether Fiverr uses the fact that you’ve taken a test and what the score was, and uses that (or might in future) as one of the things that determines things like search position.

So people who have done well in tests might (or might in future) show higher in search results than those who get lower scores maybe. Maybe at some point people who don’t take the tests will show lower in the search results than those who do take the tests.


Those are good points. Does being in the top 10% of those who took the English Language test help me at all?

I don’t know. On the 8th and 9th I had no sales, then on the 10th I had 3 sales. Today no sales again. I took the tests on the 6th, a day I was bored because I had delivered all my orders.

Do buyers even look at the test scores? Or are they just looking at gig title, gig price, gig description?

The one thing I do like about the tests is that they don’t discriminate. It’s not like being nominated for Top Rated Seller only to be rejected the next day or applying to PRO and not getting it.

However, be careful with taking a test and then closing the window because the test was taking too long and you decided not to do it. If you close the window, you will get a FAIL. It won’t show on your profile, but I don’t think you’ll be able to take the test.

The Chicago AP Style test is one example. It was taking too long. I realize they give us 40 minutes, but they had too many questions, each one requiring a lot of reading.


Absolutely you are right !

You can try again. You must wait 24h.


How come you’ve got 9.2 out of 10 on Spanish Vocabulary and only passed when you were rated Top 10% with 9 out of 10 on English language??? :flushed: :smirk:

Am I missing something??? :thinking:

Is it possible that the least score among the top 10% of scorers is greater than 9.2? That’s probably why it is not showing “TOP 10%”. But I am not sure if it is supposed to show top 15% or top whatever % and not just “PASSED” :thinking:

Why does it show a “top 10%” icon when less than 10 people have been tested though (not in that particular case but generally)?

No, I think 10 is the top grade that can be given though we already know nobody will get it due to the errors of incorrect answers to choose from.

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I mean on another profile on other tests it showed “top 10% of 2 users tested” and “top 10% of 5 users tested”.
Since 2 and 5 or less than 10 people how would they know it was within the top 10%?

I think when they say top 10%, it means the score obtained by the top 10% of the people who have taken the test… and not 10% of all the sellers in that category.

Since it is only a measure among the people who have already taken the test, I am sure the scores that correspond to a certain top % will evolve over time as more sellers take the tests in the future.

So if there are 5 people who have taken the test which are the top 10%?
10% of 5 is 0.5. That would be less than one person in the top 10%.