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What if I leave a buyer negative feeback

I am asking myself, if I have troubles with a client and I leave him a negative feedback to share my experience with the rest of the community. Will he be able to edit his review on my profile?
Let’s say that the client writes you a 5 star feedback, but you have written a 3 star to him. Can he edit his review to 1 star for a revenge? If yes, where is the protection in this case for the sellers?


No, your buyer cannot edit their review after it is posted. Once you post a review, it is final.


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Please don’t say things unless you can corroborate them. None of this is true.


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I don’t have to have all the answers to speak out against claims that are incorrect.

It’s not funny and there’s no point in being cheeky when you are in the wrong for making false claims.

no , I think your buyer can’t edit their reviews

As far as I know, neither the seller nor the buyer are able to edit their reviews.

He cant edit his review for revenge porposes, But what he can is to send you another order and then give negative review their for revenge.
So if you want to give him negative feedback and dont want to work with them again. block him after leaving review. What if I leave a buyer negative feeback

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Reviews cannot be edited by anyone, not even the one who made the review (I think) after they have submitted it. But like @syedzeeshan7860 said, they might just make a new order for “revenge”, although I doubt anyone would want to pay you even more to be able to leave negative reviews for you, so that’s that.

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Its true. I have seen people do that. So its better to be safe than sorry.

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I guess there are all kinds of people. Like those people I read about who protested the hike in prices of petrol by burning gallons of petrol. :grin:


Hahahaha thats right man. People are nuts when it comes to grudges and revenge.

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The buyer can not edit his/her review. But, Fiverr asked the buyer to give private feedback(that also 2-3 times) even after the first review. So, if you review them bad, they will give you a bad private review which will affect your gig.

Oh bro. Buyer can’t edit review. Skip it and go ahead.
Have a good day.

Well if you have had a really bad experience with a buyer, it’s better to let it know through the feedback. The buyer will probably leave you bad rate anyways.

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The buyer cannot charge his/hers reviews so don’t worry. I will encourage you and all of the sellers to be honest in the review process. I have worked with some buyers with a lot of 5 star review and they turn down to be horrible so by giving an honest feedback you do two things:

  1. Help your fellow sellers, and warn them about this person
  2. Shows buyers that they can get a bad review so they are more careful next time and they need to be more professional.

I’d definitely need this. I had a buyer with some reviews, all 5 stars, but then he was so bad at communication, he was writing me at midnight pretending to answer him instantly, he was offensive and so on. Honesty would simply help us a lot.

Sometimes I get buyers that are difficult to work with, and these kinds of buyers have always left me 5 stars in the end.

I always rate my buyers 5 stars, even when I don’t think they will rate me the same. There is always the option to reply to a buyer’s review after you have posted your initial review, so you have a chance to explain your side and how the order really was. I never want to be in that awkward situation where I give a buyer a poor review and they’ve given me an excellent one.

I haven’t had problems with horrible buyers (rude, scammers, etc.) in a long time, so I know not everyone will feel the same.

Personally, I think it would be better if you could see the cancelation rate of buyers and the reason for cancelation. So, even if they have some 5 star reviews, you have a heads up they might be trouble if they have a disproportionate amount of cancelations.

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