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What if I’m not satisfied with the service delivered?

They say always trust your gut, but what if you’re feeling it’s not going well and you end up not being satisfied with what you’ve paid for?

If the seller falls short on their promises, what can I do in terms of refunding the money back to me?

This is just an enqiry atm as nothing yet has been delivered as if yet, but I want to know my future options to feel more relaxed about this entire experience (knowing that I haw those said options…)

I would advise you to read TOS, it’s said there that orders can not be cancelled based on quality of work delivered or satisfaction of buyer if everything was delivered according tongig description.


You have request revision option if you are not satisfied with delivery. Make sure stick to what was requested. If you ask for extra work then seller will ask for extra deposit.


Thanks for getting back to me about that.

I guess it’s all down to your review that encourages the seller to do a fine job of it, especially if you’ve paid way above your budget to ensure such wanted quality.

With that aside, it can be stated that it’s basically down to your own risk taking with how much you trust the seller.

And with that said, it’s fair enough, I guess.

When you buy a burger at McDonald’s, do you immediately ask for a refund based on the fact that your meal doesn’t look as tasty as it did on the display picture?

Likely you don’t. This is probably due to the fact that in real life, you avoid confrontation with people wherever possible.

This might seem like an odd comparison. However, when you buy something on Fiverr, you need to be just as much a realist as you are when buying something in the real world. i.e. Just because a seller sells search engine optimized web content or killer ebook cover designs, there is no guarantee that your book will become a best seller or your website an instant hit online.

Also, just like in the real world, you can’t pick and choose what you pay for on Fiverr. If you order a 10,000-word ebook and a seller delivers a 500-word short story, of course, you have grounds to cancel. However, if you receive a 10,000-word ebook and just don’t like it, you don’t get your money back.

While trust is important, I’d say it’s more important for buyers to have realistic expectations.

I see it all the time. Someone has an awful business idea or product which they want to promote. Many new entrepreneurs also start buying services on Fiverr without understanding what services they actually need or how to assess the quality of what has been delivered.

Also, this is not a problem unique to Fiverr. Almost 40% of INL businesses who outsource software development to software development companies, end up not being happy with the finished result. However, in the majority of cases, it can be found that businesses have had unrealistic expectations to begin with.

It also needs to be remembered that it isn’t the job of a Fiverr seller to tell you if your business idea is a bit off the wall or simply not practical. If you order a sales copy from a seller like me for a solar-powered toaster, it’s not my job to say, “ok, but honestly, I can’t see this product taking off.” - Just like it isn’t the job of a fast food worker to tell someone that they should really consider knocking their burger habit on the head.

To get the best results when buying on Fiverr, you need to:

  • Have a business and marketing plan. (If applicable)
  • Be realistic about your budget
  • Write down your project brief clearly, before sending this to sellers and asking if they can help
  • Be realistic when choosing sellers to work with. If a seller is new and doesn’t have many reviews, you need to ideally place small test orders, not throw $400 at them and expect to take delivery of a groundbreaking website. (Or whatever you order)
  • As said already, have realistic expectations and know how to make use of whatever you take delivery of. You can pay $2K+ for a stunning promotional video for your brand. However, you will get zero benefit from this if you don’t know how to syndicate this and optimize your video description and title for search engines

Most importantly of all, remember that people you are ordering from are real human beings. Work sellers produce doesn’t grow on trees. When they take your order, they have to take time out of their schedule to complete your work for you. If a finished product doesn’t meet your expectations, you may leave a review saying so. What you can’t realistically expect, is a seller to offer to refund you and forefit payment for their time.