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What if I mark my own gig favorite

What if I mark my own gig favorite. Is there any restrictions. Is it against Fiverr TOS? Thank in advance everyone.

If you read the ToS, you would know if it is against the ToS to favorite your own gig. :slight_smile: Please read the ToS once again.

Good luck! :pineapple:

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Thank you very much for you kind reply.

:thinking: Rules… Got to follow the rules. :upside_down_face:

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@mairejusticia extremely sorry to disturb again. Unfortunately I didn’t get any condition like this if I not make any mistake. I think I missed something. Can you help me find that please?

There isn’t any mention of not favouriting your own gig in the ToS, but why would you want to? You created it, so you know where to find it again. :wink:

The gig favourite thing is there for buyers to bookmark their favourite gigs - beyond that, it has little value.

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