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What if I my service (gig) requires a live session or screensharing?


I am basically a coach trying to offer sessions on particular topic. When my subscribers are interested to take my gig, Fiverr says I cannot deliver my service outside the domain. Do I have an option directly or through Fiverr affiliate to deliver my live session?

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Fiverr doesn’t permit sharing of contact outside the network for reasons ranging from protecting their funds to protecting against spam. So, no, you can’t do live sessions but you can send your screen record to your buyers and attend to their questions in form on a chat on the order page.


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If you need to use skype for example you can ask for permission from Customer Support. The link is at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

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You seem to have 2 active gigs with the same title and description - but one in a different category to the other. Surely you might get in trouble for that.

You could create a video for your gig that contains the training (you could also put text in the video to help stop it being resold or uploaded anywhere). Maybe a document too. You could also answer questions if wanted as text on the order page.

You could also ask CS if you can create a training thing on some site for the gig (and put info about it on the gig description). Or maybe you could deliver software that had the training (though buyers might see that as a risk?). A video/document/.PDF might be better, or with permission from CS the training thing on a website.

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Fiverr Customer support will help you out with that kind of problem

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