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What if I need more time to complete the order?

Hi! I’m new and I have a problem!

I need more time to deliver an order.

I’m editing a video, but It’s taking me more time than i was expecting.

is that possible? is there any way to get more days for complete it? I don’t want to have a bad review, and I can speak with my client about it, to have at least two days more, can I do that?

please HELP me!!!


you can explain the buyer about your delay and propose a mutual cancellation before your order is getting late. A mutual cancellation doesn’t affect your rating and it prevents a bad review!

Good luck!

Of course!! We are all human and the buyer unless he is not a human will certainly have the heart to understand your difficulty. Go ahead and ask for more time, if he shouts at you, cancel the order. If not, send what ever you have done when the time is about to finish and deliver the full work later according to the time discussed.

thank you for your answer! I spoke with the client and he has no problem
Thanks for your answer :slight_smile: