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What if I share my mail id to buyer?

What would happen if I share my mail id to buyer or ask him to share his contact in chat section?
Just asking for info. My intention is not to make me ban

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Then you get a warning.


How many times? and is there any other way to share?

Do you know that it is against the rules to do that? Or do you want to find a way to get around that? And also, why?

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Of course I know, I am just asking for info.
I do not want to make me ban.!!!

Legally, no. Fiverr doesn’t want you communicating with buyers on a different site.

If, however, you need a buyer’s email address to complete your job (to actually complete it, not because it’d make your job a bit easier), then you may ask for it.


Sellers can get banned without a single warning, so, if you’re unlucky, doing it once can get you banned.

Are you looking for a way to break the rules without getting caught? You’re not allowed to share personal contact information with your buyer unless it’s strictly necessary to do the job (for example, you’re giving lessons via S.kype, so of course you need to exchange your S.kype IDs to do that), and that’s it.


Why would you want to get a ban?

Have you even read TOS? I suggest you do. Otherwise you’re being blindly held to a binding contract.

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Think she spelled it wrong, I think she didn’t want a ban, but didn’t communicate it properly

you got 3 times warning then account ban

Not always. Depending on what they did, some sellers get banned after 2 warnings, or one, or without a warning.

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You shouldn’t ask any personal information in chat section. Because the Fiverr Team has access to this and this is a clear violation of the terms and policy

try it and let us know how it goes if you’re that curious … you can check the TOS


Why would you encourage someone to break TOS?

read again please , thank you


It’s not encouragement, it’s sarcasm.


So dont share your email.

False, sellers can get banned after one warning if Fiverr feels its a just action.

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Yup, I was “don’t” instead of do.