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What if i suspend my gigs for a while? [Question]


I have to be out for 20 days so i will have to suspend my gigs for this long. What it will happend to my profile, ratings, level etc?


You are gonna fall off the radar in the searches… best thing for you to do is extend the gig to 29 days and tell everyone that you are on hiatus/break so please be patient.


You keep your ratings, but not sure about your level. You will obviously not appear in any searches because it’s suspended, so people won’t know you have a GIG. Also returning customers won’t be able to return if you have any.

I too would extend the GIG time and then add in your description that you are away. At least that way it will stay on the radar :slight_smile:


Thank you all :slight_smile: That was too helpful :slight_smile:


I would Recommend you Never to suspend your Gig, I once suspended one of my gig. Over a Month have passed and I didn’t get any orders on that.!! Better to extend delivery date to 29 days… :D/


I use gigs suspension very very often and i’ve never had any problems with search results and getting orders. I have a website building gig which is suspended most of the time even for months and when i unpause i never have any problems… so you are the one to decide which is better for you. If i were you i would extend the delivery time as you’re not having express gigs.


Yes you can lose level 1 and 2 status. I just did yesterday. The reason I lost it is because I temporarily suspended my gigs. I am a student getting a Geology degree and these last few weeks of the semester had lots of tests, finals, and field trips. I got an email saying I lost the status because I haven’t had enough sales last month. Guess I will have to work my way back up.


I used to suspend when I was really worried about keeping my express status active. But I have had some trouble suspending. Mostly with returning customers wondering if something had happened. It can be a hassle having to answer worried messages wondering where you went.

I’ve never had trouble regaining my ratings because of suspension. I can only assume that the high ranking people in my catagory have suspended their gigs when they go away (and I move up briefly lol)


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