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What if I've delivered the order, and suddenly Buyer asks for cancellation?

Hi, I’ve just delivered an order. It’s kinda semi long term project (1 month) since my gig is about Book Illustration. I always work with clear workflow,
some sketcghes > approval > complete sketches > approval > some colouring sample > approval > finished project > approval > delivery.

so, the Buyer in a middle to the last minute of deadline was sooooo hard to contact for giving me any notes/clarification. He did give me some clarification, and I fixed that quickly, but after that he’s missing even I sometimes saw him online hours ago but didn’t give any respond to the progress or my questions. after that I decided to just delivered the order because it’s already a few hours remaining.

my question is if suddenly out of nowhere he wants to cancel the order because he didn’t satisfied what should I do? It’s really a waste of time, I’m really worried about this. this is my first time worked with buyer like this.


He might ask for revisions if you provide any. He can’t cancel order that easily, but you might recieve a bad rating
I would deliever it

ok, let say I did the the revisions, and he still not satisfied.
what should I do? letting him give me bad rating or letting the money gone?

It’s up to you, but I would be okay with a bad rating rather than letting the money go

thankyou, I think I would rather prefer a bad rating. because 1 month is not even short for 1 order with bunch of tasks.
but, what the side effect from this?