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What if my gigs disappear from search engine

My gigs are disappeared from the searched pages.but it has been showed couple of days ago.
I cant understand whats happened to my gig?
Someone help.


Please contact with CS.



No one can help you regarding to this issue even no anyone even fiverr team also.Only one person can help you and that one is only you.Try to get orders from sending buyer requests 10 times per day.Improve your performance by getting high feedback.And share your gig on social media to get click and views and impressions it will make better.I hope this one advice will better help you


Hi, I also have the same problem. Suddenly my gig is been removed and I dont know why this is happening. I have 5 star rating and 100% customer satisfaction.

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i am facing this issue too. i am level too seller my gig is on page 1 . its been 2 days my gig does not appear in search engine . what should i do


You should wait with me as am getting this issue same as you from two days .So if you find any solution then please also share that here :slightly_frowning_face:

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yeah we are getting in touch please if you find any solution please let me know as well

it was my little good luck as i’m getting little orders from previous client and i hope perhaps i will come on top.However we will keep in touch if any solution found

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Sure thank you. i have same situation

Just question have you made any change or updated your gig before disappearing?

noo. i was get one revision request then my gig was disappear.

same question to you

same that time one of my buyer disputed that order and i cancelled that.Then i went to sleep and it was my last peaceful sleep and when i awake my all gigs went to sleep :slight_smile:

haha. i am very very curious what is that happening to us. after that i completed 8 order but it doesnt work :frowning:

But i think it is not issue and it is just our bad luck but i suggest you to share your gig on social media to get clicks and views may be there will chance to come on top

It’s mean it’s just a fiverr algorithm .not our any

mere aik aur dost he level 2 ka us ki gigs bhi disappear hei same like us :smile:

@muhammadusma294, please post in English.

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yes it is fiverr algorithm that rotates gigs

@langahsahiib, please post in English.