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What if order completed automatically?

Hey, i have delivered my order to buyer, but he is not coming online, it’s been 15hours late since the due time. i want to ask that if the order completed automatically after 3 days, will it be marked as late order?


So long as you delivered the order rather than just sending your work as a message for example, then don’t worry.

While most buyers do mark orders as complete, some don’t bother in which case the order will autocomplete after three days. This is perfectly normal.

You buyer can still request revisions up until auto competition, and they have 10 days to leave feedback.


I have delivered it, and it is saying that order will be marked as completed after 3 days, but i am asking that will it be marked as late order?

Only if you delivered late.

As long as you deloiver before the timer is up, it is ok, so you do not have to worry :slight_smile:

Here ios an example, I have delivered these before the deadline was over, the deadline was yesterday, the client did not accept yet, but it is not counted as late.

what @english_voice meant is, as long as you click on the button “DELIVER YOUR ORDER” you are ok, if you just send him the file in a message, it will be late.

If a client asks for a revision, AFTER the deadline has passed, and he reopens the order, it will be marked late, since you are meant to deliver early enough that you can finish the revisions in time.

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I t happened for me too. I have delivered a completed work in 1 day for which deadline was 3 days. Buyer didn’t respond till the last minute. He requested for a revision and the countdown showed I had only 12 minutes to deliver. It was 2 am in the morning. I just sat on the project which I could deliver within the time. Although the buyer was online and communicating timely while I was doing the corrections, after delivery he just disappeared. He was not checking the corrected version and giving a reply. Now Im waiting for his response.
My doubt is how many days more it will take to autocomplete the order if he doesn’t respond?

Hi, I see your post, but I have received a different information few days ago… Concerning the revision after the delivery, someone told me that once you deliver the order and the buyer requests a revision after the deadline has passed, it won’t be counted as late because what counts is the very first delivery. Could you please clarify this to me and let me know which statement is true? Thanks!

Well, the deadline is a hard deadline. By that time you need to finish the delivery (INCLUDING ANY REVISIONS), so if the order is reopened after delivery IT WILL BE a late delivery.
The easy way around this is talking to your customers, and telling them to just write you directly if they have questions, and extend the delivery time if needed (that works even after the delivery and takes 20 sec)

Hope this helped :wink:

Well as per fiverr, you have to FINALIZE the product / service / delivery by the agreed upon time. They even warn you to make sure you leave time for potential revisions. Thius is normal in the real world as well, when I set a deadline in a contract, that is the time when everything needs to be done and our relationship ends.

So I stand by my statement :slight_smile:

It takes 3 days to auto complete.