What if order expires before mutual cancelation time limit?


Hi everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone had an experience like this.
The seller placed the order, and then I asked him to extend the delivery time and the seller doesn’t respond to the offer.
Now the order expires in 20 hours and the buyer has 48 hours to respond.
What will happen if the buyer accepts the offer and what if he does not?


This isn’t a very helpful response, sorry, but I’ve had a couple of scenarios like this. Because I haven’t know if the order will be marked late, I cancelled the order before the delivery time if the buyer didn’t respond. I know the buyer then gets 48 hours to respond to the cancellation but it doesn’t affect the late statistics.

If I were to guess what would happen if the buyer accepts the extension after the 20 hours is up, I’d say everything would work out correctly on the order time-wise and it wouldn’t be late. If the buyer rejects the extension though…?


In my opinion, You should Cancel it if buyer does not accept it in 20 hours, othwerise the buyer is legit to Cancel the order. and ofcourse you know the rest about 1 star rating.