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What if Order is delivered, and buyer didn't accept it

What if Order is delivered, and buyer didn’t accept it.
Will I get payment or not?
does it affect my profile?


What do you mean by buyer did not accept it? Did he say specifically that he won’t accept it?

But if you mean that you delivered the order through the green deliver button and that the buyer didn’t respond or mark it as complete. It will automatically get marked as complete after 72 hours, then allow a clearing period of 14 days then you can withdraw the payment.


Once you deliver an order, the buyer has up to 3 days to accept it.

If they don’t accept it, after 3 days, the order will auto-complete, and your payment will start pending clearance.

This won’t affect your profile, as many buyers tend to leave orders sitting until they auto-complete! Thanks!


No effect in your account and after 3day Automatic complete you oder.

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You only have less than 1-minute of read time on the Forum.

I suggest you visit the Fiverr Terms of Service and learn them.

Most of what you need to know about the basics of Fiverr can be found there.

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