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What if seller do not deliver what you wanted after multiple revisions?


So I know this question has been asked multiple times, what do you do if the seller could not deliver what you want even after multiple revisions? The seller includes “unlimited revisions” and also has an amazing 5-star rating from all of his/her buyers. I have engaged a seller to come up with a business name and he/she seems to have horrible grammar, tenses and spelling. Can you ask for a refund? I am feeling very agitated and do not want to seem impolite to the seller for I have been very cooperative the whole time.


With unlimited revisions you can keep going and going until you finally get what you want but I understand your situation. You have the option to cancel the order and you will receive the refund for the order amount but not for the Fiverr fees.


You could request a cancellation (but see below first), or you could ask for further revisions.

Did the seller do what was stated in their gig description (eg. did they say they’d give a certain amount of business names (unique?) and if so, did they deliver them? If so, according to the terms of service, an order can’t be cancelled based on the quality of the delivery.

From the terms of service:

:black_medium_small_square:Orders are not eligible to be cancelled based on the quality of service/materials delivered by the Seller if the service was rendered as described in the Gig page. Buyers may rate their experience with the Seller on the order page, including the overall level of service quality received.


Thanks for the reply and clarity! I’m fine losing my Fiverr fees but a refund will usually be given if the seller has decided to give me a refund, it is that right? My instincts tell me that the reviewers on that seller’s page are all bots because they have the same level of atrocious tenses and spelling which I didn’t think at first because I thought that they are all buyers who are not fluent in English.


It really depends on what you ordered, the seller, and Customer Support. The seller can decline to cancel if they delivered you the number of business names that they promised. As long as the names themselves are spelled reasonably correct, it might not be considered necessary for the seller to have proper grammar. If they did not deliver what you ordered at all and they decline your cancellation request, then you can ask Support to review the situation. Support may refund you if they agree with your request, or they may tell you to continue working with the seller. Good luck!


Thanks for the clarification. I wonder what defines as “unique” to Fiverr? The business names that the seller came up for me are names that a free name generator on google can produce for me hahahah


awww geez man. I feel so silly now. This is my first time using Fiverr and I trusted this seller because of his/her five star rating but the quality is not there.


That was my question of whether the seller had said they would be unique business names and if they had delivered that amount of unique names (eg. no other business had that name). If they had delivered what was specified in the gig, according to the TOS what was delivered might be okay (ie. it may not allow a cancellation since that would be on the grounds of quality alone and the TOS says that can’t be a reason for cancellation) though you could still ask for more revisions or contact CS like suggested.

Maybe they could possibly be using something like you suggested.


Well, they could be buyers who are not fluent in English and who are happy with the results.

How many 5 star reviews does that seller have?


There is a difference on what you want and what you like.

If you don’t like the service he/she delivered, you can keep asking revision, BUT if the seller is delivering it accordingly with his/her gig, then you CAN’T request a refund.

The cancellation process can’t be done because you didn’t liked, but because the seller didn’t delivered what his/her gig says.

In case you got tired and didn’t like any of the deliveries, you are free to give a negative review and explain the reason.

ADD: Please take care on their number of 5 stars. I suggest to take a look on long term sellers with consistent positive reviews.


Maybe it would help if you would tell us what you are asking the seller to provide in your revision request. I know that your attempts to convey what you wanted was probably sincere but I can’t tell you how many times not understanding the client’s request, no matter how many times they tried, didn’t ring true. And the more we tried to communicate what they wanted the more confusing it got. No one is at fault…I just think at times both buyer and seller have it ingrained in their head what each mean in their communication that it is hard to break through with understandable communication to get the issue resolved.


That is quite frustrating, unfortunately there are a lot of sellers here with low level of English which makes communication it quite difficult if that’s one of the problems indeed.

As other people mentioned earlier you wouldn’t be able to cancel the order based on the quiaity of work if the gig was delivered according to gig description. And just the word “unique” might not be considered by support as a basis of “not delivering gig as described” because it’s quite vague.

However you still can contact the seller and see if they would be ok to cancel the order without involving support first.


Thanks for the empathy and hearing me out! I’m really feeling defeated because first of all, I gave a very in-depth description of what my business is, gave an idea of my target audience (age, gender), even gave examples of established businesses that is related to mine (Boudoir photography). After multiple revisions, I finally gave a website that gave a history of what Boudoir Photography is. I was irked by that seller’s response of, “I wish you sent me that earlier”. Well, aren’t these sellers suppose to do research? And what made me infuriated is that the seller repurposed all the names of the established businesses that I have mentioned and kept emphasizing that the domain names are available. I can just go to to do all that. What I am asking for is originality and creativity. So yes I am going to give a shot and ask the seller to cancel my order or I’ll just keep going on with the revisions till the seller gets tired of me :slight_smile:


What annoyed me is that this seller did not ask me ask questions during the entire time we communicate. I have given a very thorough idea of what my business is. From target audience to the branding that I’m looking at and what kind of impact that my potential clients will feel when they see the name (I’m doing boudoir photography by the way)

I am the one who asks him/her questions like,
“do you need me to write a list of key words to help you?”
His/her response, “Yes give me keywords”.

And after every revision, this seller ends with a, “please check and let me know”.

So I’m at lost.


That depends. Some offer research, some don’t. Or, research might be included in more expensive packages, but not in a $5 order. Is it mentioned anywhere that the gig includes research?

A lot of buyers who seek brand names demand that the domain names are available.

The seller offers unlimited revisions, so, technically speaking, you do have the right to keep asking, but buyers who keep asking for endless revisions are not exactly popular among sellers (and that’s putting it mildly). I’m telling you this because numerous sellers are reading this topic, and after reading about repeatedly asking for revisions because you don’t like what you’ve received so far (taste is very subjective), some of them might decide not to work with you if you ever order from them.


Thanks for the clarity. It’s a $35 gig. So i was hoping for more. Perhaps I should always lower my expectations next time.


Or just be more keenly aware of the precise services the seller lists within a given package. Just because you want a service, doesn’t always mean that your choice of seller offers that service. Generally, sellers only deliver the services they say that they will deliver. Anything else beyond that would likely require a custom offer/upgrade, or just isn’t available from that seller.