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What if seller dont put review?

So, am asking about the situation when things doesnt go well in an order from both buyer and seller end and when order is complete and buyer puts review, seller might be thinking may be they’ve not put a good rating & review, what if the seller doesnt reply to that review, I know the payment will come without a problem and the review will not be published on gig untill seller doesnt put review back. My question is about seller stats, is there any affect on gig ranking or something ? Would like to hear from someone experience in this matter pls. Thank you!

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That’s not true. If a seller doesn’t review back, buyer’s review will show up after 10 days, and the seller won’t be able to leave a review of their own.


Ah ok, that’s a new fact I got to know. Thanks!

I think this picture will help you :slight_smile:


Thanks mate, really useful!

Looking things up how things work and reading it is indeed useful.