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What if someone order a gig and never give info or files to work with?

Does anyone had similar situation?

It happens.

If they haven’t submitted any info and the clock isn’t ticking, you can use the “nudge” button, or leave it as it is. Perhaps they’ll submit the info at some point, perhaps not. If you grow bored with it (say, weeks later), you can just cancel it.

If they have submitted something, but not the actual info you need, and the clock is ticking, go to the Resolution Center and request mutual cancellation. Leave them a message that you don’t really want to cancel, but can’t work without proper information, and ask them to either send the info or to accept the cancellation.

I have a similar situation but with a twist:

I sold several gigs to one individual. Since I am a Level One seller he could only buy four at a time so he had to make multiple purchases but it was all one project. He submitted the additional info I needed on only one of the gigs. I marked it delivered and shipped the entire order. Now I have three gigs that I can’t deliver because he hasn’t submitted the order requirements on them. Is there any way to mark them delivered even if he doesn’t submit the additional order requirements?


Reply to @jesussaves1: i need to know too!!

Reply to @jesussaves1: As far as I know, no. Use the nudge button or message the buyer, or both, and explain the situation to him.

@catwriter Does that nudging and cancelation have impact on my ratings,Ive just become a level 1 seller after four months,and work started to rise… Dont want to lose a chance on start…

Reply to @bogdan86: I don’t think the nudge feature has any impact, however, the cancellations will have an impact on ratings. But you can always fix your ratings; it will just take more time and effort. Also, if your ratings are affected due to cancellations from buyers who don’t submit the necessary info, take screenshots before you cancel, and make as much effort as possible to get the buyer to submit the necessary information. Once you’ve done all you can do, simply cancel the order, and contact customer service about your rating, and they should be able to fix it.

Reply to @bogdan86: Nudging has no impact, that’s just a reminder for the buyer to send you the info.

Mutual cancellations have no impact (that means, if the buyer accepts to cancel).

If the buyer submitted no info and you cancel (and the buyer doesn’t respond by either accepting or refusing), I think it should have no impact, but I’m not sure about that one.

After you request mutual cancellation, the buyer has 2 days to respond before the cancellations goes through (and Fiverr will send him an email to tell him about your request). During those 2 days, you can abort the cancellation at any point.

@foxella @catwriter Thank you both,this was very informative… But it looks that Buyers have a little more protection then Sellers,but that is another matter…

Anyway ,thank you for help

Reply to @bogdan86: You’re welcome! Good luck!

@catwriter opet ja! Vidim da si iz Srbije pa imam pitanje oko podizanja novca sa fiverr-a… Kako je to reseno kod tebe? Hocu reci,PayPal je totalna misterija (da li moze da se podize novac iz Srbije) a Payoneer mi uopste nije jasan…

me again! I see you are from Serbia,and I have a question about using PayPal or Payoneer? Can I withdraw money from Serbia (its a mistery for all :D) and can you explain me how Payoneer works?

mozes mi poslati privatnu poruku

Reply to @bogdan86: You can’t receive money through PayPal in Serbia, so the only option is Payoneer. Apply for the card and follow the procedure. :slight_smile:

EDIT: detailed explanation sent. :slight_smile: