What if that flag button existed


What if fiverr created a flag button where a seller could flag a request as inappropriate or spam… How many votes for this feature???


I don’t think this would be a good idea, because it could lead to user abuse. What happens if users start flagging requests for nefarious reasons, or just because they can? In addition, not only does this hurt the buyer that posted the request (because potential sellers would no longer see that request), but it vastly increases the Fiverr manpower necessary to investigate all of those flags, and it potentially cuts into sales (which, in turn, could cut into Fiverr profits).

Perhaps a better course of action (unless Fiverr chooses to institute a solution that we are not aware of), is to just ignor those Buyer Requests that don’t seem appropriate to the category. It isn’t hurting anyone to skip over questionable requests, and focus on responding to the good ones instead.


Reason why I was thinking about this was because of one specific buyer/seller/spammer. The guy crafts the request to look legit but it’s actually a spam. The request reads like this “I need someone to remove audio from my video” The follows with a link to his youtube video which is a cat video and a 70$ budget. This guy has sever fiverr accounts and I think the only reason they post is to get youtube views. Fiverr doesn’t have to increase the man power they only need to add a code in place… Say if a specific request gets flagged 20 times an automatic message is sent to the one who posted it warning them either to remove the request or their account will be under review.