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What if the buyer doesnt give a review

i already summitted my work and the order is completed but buyer review is still pending.
what does fiverr do in a situation like this.
i completed my work and he did accept the work before i was submitting him.
will my order be marked complet

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If no changes are requested, the order will automatically be marked as complete after 3 days

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and what review will be posted on my profile ?
im talking about the rating stars.

same things happened with me …buyer give me order then he didnt come online my order was auto completed…but it only happend when the buyer already placed the order

Already I facing this problem

There is no problem. Some buyers do not review orders, and, therefore, you will not receive a rating/review on your profile. It is the same as when you buy something on Amazon without reviewing it. A review was not left, so a review cannot be shown.

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Yeah bro, Thanks for your INFO: :heart_eyes:

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Yeah bro, Thanks for your information :heart_eyes: