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What if the buyer post an unfair review after completing a job perfectly?

Hello everyone

Recently I faced an unpleasing situation where my buyer purchased a gig of mine and I delivered the required files according to his needs. He told me that my work was “perfect” amazing"good communicative"real fast" and when the deal was over he wrote pretty good words in the review but, unfortunately, ended up rating me 4.5*. I find this really frustrating and I don’t know if there is something that a seller can do in this type of situations.

I only had 6 sales before and in all of them, I got 5* ratings. Suddenly this low rating might be a great blow for a newbie like me as it is very competitive here.

Is there anything a seller can do in these situations?

Thank you.

I am guessing it could be a mistake from the buyer’s part, since he appeared to be much satisfied with the job and turning up with a 4.5 rating is therefore unlikely. I suggest you should contact the buyer again and kindly request him to recheck it one more time, explaining that it really means a lot to a Fiverr seller. I am quite positive he’ll correct it!
Good Luck!

Thank you for your reply.

I actually did contact him as soon as I got that review and tried to explain him how important this reviews are. Unfortunately he got offline and he is yet offline. I am also hopeful that he would do some actions regarding this.

How longer the reviews are open to edit?

Thanks again.

there is not much you can do other than to request him to change the review, offer him a refund saying that " i think my services were not five star level, may be that is why you didn’t leave a five star review. i regret disappointing you please accept this humble refund my rating has dropped and your sales have dropped due to it i will. and that he should change the review. may be he will change the review.
it has worked for me, may be it will work for you bro.