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What if the Fiverr forum shuts down for a year?

What if the Fiverr forum shuts down for a year?
What do you think will happen and is it going to affect you in any way?
I want to hear your thoughts down below


There won’t be any posts like, “HOW TO GET ORDERS ON FIVERR QUICKLY?” or “WHAT TO WRITE ON BUYER REQUEST” and more questions that have already been posted on the forum.


I’m not sure exactly what the impact for others would be, but I don’t think it would affect me greatly one way or the other. 24 hours isn’t that long, but if I had a time sensitive Fiverr-related problem that I couldn’t solve with the Fiverr Help page, and I wanted advice from the community, I guess I’d have to wait until it came back online.


Absolutely true, fiverr users will eventually be less affected if forum shuts down for 24 hours…Consider 24 days, or weeks :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


Agreed with you!! I can wait


If Fiverr forum shuts down, some seller’s delivery time will improve. :wink:


Let me make some edits


So what do you think now?
Loosing the forum is like loosing YouTube the only form of entertainment this pandemic. I wonder what problems would the new sellers be facing or how people would express thier thoughts on the closing down of Fiverrs forum.
So how would it affect you personally, well for me id just miss out on helping others


@optical_designs Ah, okay, a whole year might be different a story if I stay on the Fiverr platform :slightly_smiling_face:. I do like the community here on the forum, and I’ve learned much from being here. There’s a wealth of information that’s been contributed by knowledgeable and experienced members, and I think it’d be a disadvantage in the long term to not be able to access it.


It would affect me drastically! Forum is so addictive, even as I say I won’t go and check, I end up checking.

And replying. And that takes time.

Too much time.

So if forum was gone for a year my completed work would increase. I would do more, create more, relax more, more time in general.



It eats up time and unfortunately doesn’t bring much value.


I don’t understand why people keep doing this topics instead of watching million tutorials on youtube about it…

I’m addicted to this forum so if it shuts down for a year… I die

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I am new to the party here. Where does it say the forum is possibly shutting down for a year? And, if so, why?

I guess I would fill my forum time here with something else more productive. LOL



I will be spending more time on 9gag & utube :crazy_face:


It’s the forum, a cesspit of forever repeating loops of insanity most of the time: how me make sell / my gig not ranking / how do I / blah / blah - how folks like @lloydsolutions et al cope with the inanity of people who do not search things out for themselves, is something worthy of a cyber sainthood.

Let me ask the bigger question: what would people do if Fiverr ceased trading? (or suffered a cyber attack which took it down for months?)

How much of your income comes from here?

There’s an old saying in these parts “don’t keep all your eggs in one basket”, how many people are keeping all their eggs (income) here in this basket (Fiverr) and how would you cope if, for whatever reason, Fiverr stopped abruptly?

For those who are seasoned here: what’s your contingency plan should Fiverr do a “Voice over Pete” on your account? If you don’t know his story Google him.

For those who are here as part of their contingency plan: what are you planning to do, or doing, to build your business outside the platform?


There were just a few useful topics for me all over the last year (insights, pro experience, pro stories, staff topics). I would miss that.


I would miss the rational users, the bizarre users that sometimes pop up, and the learning experiences - but I sure would not miss the endlessly repeated topics, the scammers, and the clueless.

Great question!

About 70% of my income comes from Fiverr at present. That is too much, and I am aware of that. I have two other income sources, but they are not as big as they were a couple of years ago. My own doing as I focused too much on Fiverr in 2020.

I am working on a huge project - may take ten months or more than a year to finish, but if successful, it would make me much less reliant on Fiverr.


Great answer!

I’m currently working on my own website, writing the front end for it, and prepping it for a back end ordering system with payments.

It simply makes sense to have as many different sources of income as possible.

Why limit earning opportunities?


The Voice Over Pete example is a good one - I remember watching his story when it happened. Just goes to show, no matter how much of a golden child any one seller might believe they are, Fiverr will drop you in a heartbeat if they feel they have to.

The other major issue with Fiverr is the uncertainty and instability of the income. We had a month last year where we made just under $10K. We made just over $1K in December. It’s impossible to plan around inconsistency like that. It’s feast or famine on here most of the time.

Our plan for 2021 is to use the services that we offer here on Fiverr to create and sell digital products for ourselves. We do this for other people all the time, so why not us?