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What if the Fiverr forum shuts down for a year?

It will be more boring when you don’t have an order to do. Like me, when I don’t have an order. Most of the time I spend on the forum reading other peoples thoughts and ideas, the same time contributing.


Well you don’t spend time here due to which you would spend more time on your gig improvements and get an order soon

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I know it’s driving me nuts to see the same five questions asked over and over again.

Yes, I know. I can just scroll past them but there are so many of them!

Where are these people learning that Fiverr will make them rich?

I’ve been here 4 years and it’s certainly helped pay some bills but I’m far from rich.

I won’t particularly miss the Forum if it were to disappear for a while.


I think there would be a purge on the main site. How many users avoided getting a warning because they posted their gig here for feedback and someone warn them about how the gig was breaking the TOS. Without the forum those sellers would just get multiple warnings and get banned.


As a lot of you already know, I drop by the forum quite often.
It has become part of my daily life. It’s like dropping by a local store and saying hi to the staffs and the regular customers…???

There are times where I don’t come to the forum for days simply because I am too busy working, or I am on vacation and having too much fun.

If the forum shut down for a week, no problem.
One month, I’m sure I’ll have no problems.
But a whole year…??? I’m sure I’ll miss the regulars here, I love reading their posts,
even though I’ll need to swim through a sea of “how do I get sales” posts.

I don’t know if it will have any negative effect on the platform itself, but I’m sure I’ll be a bit bored not being able to say hi to you guys.


I like where @zreine’s head is on this.

Shutting down the Forum for a year just might clean up the platform so those of us who have the skills we promote here will have better odds of finding work here.

And those who are trying to game the system discover eventually GAME OVER.


I don’t use the forum very often. There’s a lot of things we’re not allowed to say, so it’s hard to have a discussion here.

Have you thought about getting a part-time or full-time job? Maybe increasing your delivery dates?

I think coming here to promote gigs is a mistake. I used to come here to learn or argue or discuss something interesting everyday. The last thing I want to do is advertise my gigs here. When I buy on Fiverr, I don’t go to the forum, I search like everyone else.


It’s only closing for a year after a year is over there would be havoc in the forum and Dev’s trying to explain what happened. I guess forums help people connect together and become friends.

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No, I have not thought about getting a job. I did have a full-time job, but I spent all the time there aching to do something else. For a time, I even let myself be satisfied, letting go of all my dreams. Now I am closer than ever at realizing them. I am excited to wake up every day to work on my passion project while Fiverr and my other revenue sources bring in enough money to pay my rent and food.

(Also, I found that a job would simply drain my energy. I usually would be too tired to work on other projects. I respect those who can, but I just can’t)

If Fiverr should cease to exist, I can focus more on my other revenue sources. I am also lucky enough to have a decent savings account from my Fiverr earnings and my previous job. So, it is not like I would be on the street if I did not have Fiverr anymore.

As for the delivery dates - I had them higher before, but almost every single customer complained about them. I think three days is a good sweet spot for me.


Agreed :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: @maegan_bertrand


Well, I hope things work out for you.

If a Fiverr seller tells me that he’s making $100,000 a year, then that pays more than most jobs ever will (unless you have an MBA, Phd, or live in certain places)

But if you’re making $1,000 to $2,000 a month, I don’t think that’s enough.

My biggest regret when I was making up to $2,000 a month is that I got lazy. I only wanted to do Fiverr, didn’t like Uber, didn’t want a part-time job, didn’t care about the stock market, etc. Then I got demoted and I was forced to make many chances. My part-time job got me out of the house and helped me lose 50 pounds.

So here’s my question to you, what happens if you’re demoted tomorrow and your sales fall by 50% to 80% or more? Will your other sources of income be enough?


Maybe try real estate or maybe even eccomerce or drop shipping business.p

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Btw if you make $2000 a month in india it’s enough live in luxury you can buy a car live on a comfortable apartment and you can do a lot of stuff my :slight_smile: in the us it’s barely enough to pay rent in my experience

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I agree, having a contingency plan is extremely important. If you have all eggs in one basket, it can be very tricky to survive if anything happens with your account.

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Lots of people try that and fail. That also requires investing a lot of money. What could I do with real estate? Get a real estate license? That’s $500 just for the license, then probably another $500 to join the MLS. Not to mention desk fees, the cost of advertising your listing (if you get one), etc.

Real estate investment also requires deep pocket. Even if you’re buying tax liens, you’ll probably need $4,000, plus money for the repairs if you actually end up owning the property (that’s not always the case, sometimes the owner pays back the lien, and you might make a 20% profit.

A guy like me, does better with a regular job, with a steady paycheck.

The only thing where I’m investing money is the stock market, penny stocks specifically. I haven’t made a fortune yet, but I’m learning a lot. I did spend $1,000 on an offline course over a year, each quarter was $250. I like stock trading because it requires no licenses (don’t confuse stock trader with stock broker, totally different things).

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You have got a point, should have taught of that. Maybe you can work in job and take Fiverr as a backup or something idk. What I do is I work in multiple freelance websites so I make around $500-600 a month. I know it’s not much but for 13 I’m pretty proud. Maybe I think you will have more success. I even think a eccomerce site will help you need very minimal investment and during this pandemic it’s going pretty good. If you want to partner up with me in a eccomerce business let me know :slight_smile: