What if the seller doesn't do satisfactory work?


hi there, I am new to ferverr and want to know about it before giving it a try. I have some questions:

  1. What if the seller cancels the deal? will I get my money back?
  2. If his work is not satisfactory or unacceptable then what can I do?

I know you will say that look for the better seller who has got good reputation and has reviews. For example the thing I am looking for has no reputable sellers or has all new sellers.


Hi, if the the seller/buyer cancel the order then the money will go back to the buyer’s account.
If a buyer is not satisfied with the seller he/she can ask the seller to modify accordingly or to ask for refund.


Who will do refund feverr or the seller? If I have paid to the seller then what is the guarantee that he will pay back?


The seller doesn’t own the money until the order is done and finished. Fiverr will refund you the money if the order is cancelled, and you or the seller can initiate a mutual cancellation if things don’t go as planned.


Means when he finishes the order and sends me all the data then I will review his work and if satisfied then I will need to finish the project and then he will receive the payment. This is all what I have understood. Am I right?


The money is his / hers after you rate your order (or it automatically marks as complete after 3 days of no response from your behalf). If the seller delivers something you are not happy with, you can always request a revision. If you are not happy with the work even after revisions are made, you can request a mutual cancellation and you will get a refund.


In case of cancellation / refund do feverr deduct any charges?


I don’t think so, but I can’t tell for sure. In any case, the money will be returned to your Fiverr account balance, not to your PayPal or CC.


Ok thanks for your guidance :slight_smile: God bless you :+1:


Yes dear, you are right


I don’t know why but I am having a strong feeling that OP intends to scam his seller.

Just a thought…


Select the ‘contact us’ option at the bottom of your browser page. This will take you to a page that has buyer information and FAQs.


I had this thought too. Big red flag if the first question a buyer asks is how do I get a refund.


And the specificity of such question with regards to whether he gets the money BACK to his SOURCE or not…


Sorry I didn’t understand. Will you explain a bit? My english is not so good.


Online work is new for me. I just wanted to know everything came to my mind. Because this is a matter of money and I don’t know the seller (whether he is a good or bad guy). What else do you expect me to ask? I just wanted to know that Is my money safe if the seller tries to commits any fraud.


I don’t think he’s planning on scamming, it’s just the language barrier. :slight_smile:


Thank you dear for your time and precious guidance. God bless you.


First I felt sad because of @djgodknows thinking. Then I started laughing. Hats off to your mentality Mr. Djgodknows


—The nice thing to do is pay people for their work. You don’t have to write a review, but you made them work. However, there are exceptions. If I hired you to paint a picture of a dragon and you give me a cow, I will demand a revision. If you can’t make it, I will demand a refund.

If you give me the dragon, but I don’t like it. I might demand a revision with the promise of a tip if you make it. Or I might accept your work and give it to someone else to make it better.