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What if the work finished doesn't match the sellers quality pictures on his profile?

Hi! Can anyone advice me?
I bought a gig for 250.- USD. I wanted a landscape and I saw a seller with good votes and a fair amount of them, so paid him. At the end of the line, when I got the job done, it was a drawing. But the picture on his profile showed a picture done CGI not a brush drawing.

Another one that I pad 600.- had 6 pictures of beautiful quality and all the late images with FIVERR stamp were of lower quality. I’m expecting my drawing finished soon - 21 days delay, and am fricking out. What do I do IF the drawing doesn’t look at the quality of the first 6 pictures of her profile?

Thanks for the tips.

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People post best of the best on their gig images.
You always should expect a bit worse.
If he offered to do computer generated image and you got painting you could refund that probably, but only if it was stated that it should be cgi.

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i can almost guarantee that the $600 one will match the later images with revues and the fiverr watermark, rather then the first six images that were probably not made by them (but might have been). you mentioned a 21 day delay, how much time was the work supposed to take?

as for the first one, if you havn’t accepted it yet i would request a revision (by clicking no, you’re not ready to accept), let them know how you feel and take it from there

i have to ask, was one of those first six logos for a company called “phoenix”?

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I think sometimes it’s hard. Now I ask the sellers “Did you draw those images” and very often the answer is “I can draw something like this, yes” - which is a “no answer”. Anyway learning a bit the hard way. I accepted the first mentioned - I wanted it to be it so bad that I convinced myself it was different but ok, fine.

I already told the artist on the 600.- that I wanted the same quality then her first 6 pictures. She said it was hard to do as they are only 1 figure picture and mine has 4. But that’s why I pad 200 for the sketch and 400 for the colouring, right? I also found some amazing people, true.

No it’s an actual drawing not a logo. For the logo I asked an artist for it and they guy wasn’t able to do something closed from what I asked. His pictures where complexity and quality level 9/10. My logo of 6/10 and the guy could only do something of level 4/10. Wasted time. I told him to stop, I understood that the guuy was far from being a pro at all and that those pictures were from someone else. I cancelled the job and got refund.


if the picture they finally deliver doesn’t match you’re expectations based on the gig’s order page, then i i would recommend you request you cancel before accepting, an bring in customer support of you need to. as you said you’re spending hundreds of bucks here, and have waited, you at least deserve what you paid for, according to the advertised gig

as for the first, we all live and learn. hopefully what you have is of some use

I am sorry but this sounds like the pictures seller is using are not her original work.

This is true for skilled artists.

This is completely wrong. The point of the GIG images is to showcase your abilities. if you are not able to deliver that to client then it is a misleading advertisement.

And you have no way of knowing are their answers true.

Unfortunately, some unskilled sellers are high on this platform because buyers do not know they are getting lower quality.
I have seen so many five-star reviews and the portfolio of the seller is on 1st grader child with the pencil level.

Yes, this is a constant problem on this platform but good thing cancellation process is fast and effective.

Fiverr’s Terms of Service state that the order is eligible for a refund if the quality of the work doesn’t match the quality advertised in the images.

I know what is the point of the gig image. Do you think that if we ordered from 100 gigs how many would meet the criteria that their gig images set? Probably less than 10.

That is a realistic situation. Everyone would showcase work that they can provide in a perfect world.

Yes, I know, but people will misunderstand that you are referring to that their images are fake and stolen so they were never and will never be able to provide the same quality as in photos on GIG description.

So those 10 you mentioning are people who actually place their own original work on GIG. Rest is showing stolen work so, yes, naturally anything they send to you will be lower quality.

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