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What if you don’t view buyers feedback?


I have a very difficult buyer who ordered my gig then had me redo a video 3 times because he wanted big city buildings in the background, which is not something I offer. He then finally marked the order as complete but not before accidentally ordering a gig extra. He apparently thought he was ordering another gig, then told me if I didn’t provide a video with big city background then he’d leave bad feedback on the video I reshot 3 times for him. $5 video btw.

Because the order was already complete I contacted support to cancel it. They said the would but they didn’t get to it in time. I just got notified that he left feedback. If I don’t rate him and don’t view his feedback what would happen? Does anyone know?


His feedback will show whenever the period to leave feedback is over. I can’t find any references in the Help Center to how long one can leave feedback anymore.
The last info from the relevant forum announcement is 10 days, I think.
Currently (phase 1), once your buyer’s review appears after those 10 or something days are over, you can’t either review them or reply to their review.

Supposedly, phase 2 of the new game Russian roulette for rookies, aka double-blind reviews system, has been begun (in which we should be able to respond to buyer’s review after the review was published; our reviews of buyers will be presented in the buyer’s profile instead of in our gig page) but that thread is from Oct 16 and there have been no updates, and so far, nobody has noticed or posted about any sign that they can see a whiff of phase 2.

So, if you’re lucky and it will actually be implemented by the time your buyer’s review will show up, you might have the chance to reply, but if it stays like it is now, that review will show up and you can’t leave your own story of the events.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that your buyer left a fair review and did not complain about you doing something that’s not part of the gig or part of your agreement. Good luck.


Hey thanks for replying. My gig is only a couple of weeks old with 5 reviews as of now. I have several open orders so I’m just going to do an amazing job on those and hold his review off until day 9. Maybe that’ll offset it. I don’t want to risk it showing up and being 1/5 of my ratings.

One more question…if I leave negative feedback on the buyer, then it turns out that actually left me a decent rating, can he then change his feedback?