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What if you don't like the artwork?


I am new to fiverr and have a question.

What if you order the artwork and it is not what you had asked for?

Are there any buyers out there who have experience buying from illustrators/graphic artists/etc? I am wanting to purchase some artwork but the sellers I keep encountering cannot even respond to a simple email, which makes me nervous b/c if they can’t respond to an email; how are they going to follow my specific art directions?

Positive responses please, reaching out since I am a novice.

Thank you!

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Hi, If you don’t like the artwork then you can ask for refund or ask them to modify the delivery in case, it is slightly away from your instructions.


You have multiple options if you do not like the artwork.
However, first thing you need to do is “Find a responsible, active and perfect seller” who can complete the job according to your instructions :slight_smile:

Then, at the processing time of the order,
you can ask for revisions, refund or even cancel the order.


As stated above. :slight_smile: Just for your information he is only simple tip for you. I’m buyer and seller here and have in mind, that you don’t need to settle with seller who seems OK, because there are sellers who are PERFECT, you just have to find them. :wink: In my experience, I wanted illustrator to draw something for me, I had pretty specific request so I wrote to few sellers and none were interested, so I decided to post a buyer request. There I received 30 offers, 25 of them were just generic, useless offers which I would never consider, but 5 offers were interesting. I went with the one who seemed the best, seller was answering in very short time, had many 5 stars reviews, etc. Well it was total disaster. :stuck_out_tongue: He couldn’t draw at all, but as soon as he figured out that I’m not happy at all he offered refund. At that time, I accepted it because it was not just $5, and delivered work was not even P of Promised. Then I went with seller with only few reviews, also fast communication and he was jackpot. :wink: Perfect seller. :wink: So just look for it and you will find it sooner or later.

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I offer illustrations, and that’s a bit tricky.

IF the seller DID follow all the instructions you provided but the seller’s STYLE is not what you liked or it “simply wasn’t right for some reason,” I won’t want the buyer to ask for a refund. Modifications are fine, but asking for a completely different image in my mind will be another order.

On the other hand if the seller simply did not pay attention to your requests, I’d say ask for a refund.

When looking for a new seller, start with a very basic $5 order, and once you feel comfortable with
that person’s style and skill, move onto a bigger order. :slight_smile:


I agree! My art style is manga but I keep getting contacted by buyers asking for realistic art… If they just review my GIG gallery for examples I’m sure they will notice that they can’t expect realistic illustration from me!

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I feel like I should have requested a refund. The artist took my work, copied it and gave it back to me. I am so distraught over the situation and trying not to bad talk FIVERR as this is one artist. But, seriously, she ticked me off during the entire process.

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Yes in that case request refound.

Well, the end result. She did not like my honest review and used curse words. Oh well, I reported it.

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I would recommend submitting your request to the Buyer’s request section on Fiverr, this way Sellers come to you and you don’t have to spend time reaching out to multiple/random Sellers.

I can’t speak for every Seller, but often it’s just one person working behind the computer and if a Seller has orders messages often come second in these regards. During high-volume orders, it can take several days or even a week for some Sellers to follow up with a general message. It simply depends on the Seller.

When placing and order that requires a more detailed approach, it’s best to avoid any use of adjectives (using words like “colorful” or “stunning” is objective) and does nothing to communicate the type of work you are looking to have created.

Here’s a few tips to ensure you get what you’re looking for:

1. Be specific: It helps to be as detailed as possible and to be clear in your messages. Again, avoid any adjective to prevent any misunderstandings or assumptions.

2. Provide examples: This includes any images, colors, shapes, style, etc. similar to what you’re looking for.

3. Encourage communication: Often times a Seller can feel a bit nervous to exchange too many messages in fear that you (the Buyer) will to convey their messages as them not listening to you or not understanding your specs into a not-so good review. Talk to them and treat them like would a friend and stress a “No pressure, if you need me don’t hesitate to contact me” attitude.

Communicating with them the most down-to-earth and nicest way possible, you want your Seller to be encouraged to talk to you so that they can provide you with the best order possible in return.

Hope this helps and good luck finding the perfect Seller for your project! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!!

Our instructions are extremely detailed, contain exact look & feel of what we want and examples of styles we want.

I think we just need to keep looking…that’s great advice with starting out with the $5 order though, thanks!!!

Love this idea: submitting request to buyer’s request section! Where can I find this section?

Definitely agree with being specific, I just need to find the right artist. It’s just been making me nervous b/c most of the people I have encountered cannot respond to a simple email…I’ll do what you suggested about the buyer’s request section.


Besicaly seller cannot and not permitted to open a topic about email… fiverr will remove the account
Selle never use email word in message or skype or facebook or twiteer or 3rd party website
Fiverr will remove the seller account

lol that’s funny. but yes it should be reported.