What if You Find Yourself Unable to Do a Job?


Let me explain my question further: as some of you may have seen in another post, I was contacted by someone who wanted me to help them write a story. They ordered the gig, but it wasn’t until after I got their writing sample that I realized how BAD of a writer they were. I thought, “My goodness, how am I going to make heads or tails of this? I don’t even know the point of this story!” But I figured they ordered the gig, so I had to do it.

I know you can cancel the gig before it even starts, but here is my question: if you didn’t actually do any work for them, would that buyer still be able to leave you negative feedback and ruin your ranking?

Also, when I cancel a gig, do I have to give the buyer a reason why? (Honestly, with some of the stuff I have been receiving, my only reason for cancellation would be: “My only advice is you shouldn’t write,” and I clearly don’t want to say THAT. I want to be as professional as possible, ALWAYS, even when I am not afforded the same courtesy.)


Reply to @madmoo:

I actually edited the gig this morning to say that my help won’t always be in the form of an outline. It might be a series of comments/questions/suggestions aimed at getting their juices flowing.

My concern is getting a writing sample that sucks the big one (like on the gig I just ended) and finding myself unable to do anything with it because it is so bad. I’m surprised I was able to come up with ANYTHING based on what I just read.