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What if you place a forum post and then you can't find it? [RESOLVED]

If you posted something in the forum but didn’t click on the “Follow” button, you might be wondering how to find your post or where it went. Here are some possible answers:

1.) You can click on My Activity at the top of this forum to see information about your posts. Clicking on Discussions may also show some additional choices to help you find information.

2.) If you posted items that violate the ToS or forum Do’s and Dont’s, something not related to Fiverr, something controversial or that led to controversy that may have upset other readers, a link to an external site (other than limited allowed links), or if you posted spam about your own gigs - your post may have been deleted.

3.) If you posted a new discussion in a category that wasn’t best for it, your post may have been moved. For example, posts discussing/advertising your own gigs go in My Fiverr Gigs, basic questions go in Fiverr FAQ, tips for other sellers and buyers go in the appropriate tip forums, general chatting goes in Conversations, venting goes in the Ranting Pot, and so on. (This is not a comprehensive list, just examples.) Look in other categories if you can’t find a post where you thought it was.

4.) If you posted something for Fiverr staff (such as a significant problem with your account) you need to send that to Fiverr Customer Support. If you have a general suggestion you want Fiverr staff to read, that goes in the Suggestion Box so some posts are moved there accordingly. Posts that are not actual suggestions for Fiverr staff may be moved out of the Suggestion Box and into a better category.

5.) If you are a Fiverr veteran and you can add something to this post I may have forgotten, feel free to comment! The thread will be closed at some point to make it easy to follow. I hope this helps!

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