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What I'm doing wrong here?


Just a while back I got the Level1 status, the orders were steady and great till then, and now baaaam, not even a single order in five days. I only added some extras to gigs, make them prettier, and now this happends?

I’m a bit depressed.


I’m doing a lot in the back too. Specially with expanding my very interesting live news report gig. Not to say I’ve made a lot of longrun business in real life. Very busy, but I like it so, because I like to work.

Didn’t know that the quiet times are global… good, I’ll be expecting a dozen of orders soon :stuck_out_tongue:


Can anyone confirm whether their search positions went down too?


Mine did not but one of my gigs is featured, so I am not sure if that has an affect. I do know that activity or lack of on my gig will move some of mine a few spaces up or down. I notice when I get multiple orders, my gig will be on top when I search. Then again this may be all my imagination and just a coincidence.


My sales dropped off Sunday to Monday. I normally average 8 orders a day but had nothing only now have they started to climb up again.


I’ve had only one since Friday and it’s been a couple a day before that. Maybe the Paypal issue?


I gathered it was the Paypal issue too. Some have trickled through recently, but these are from long-term clients who I know have cash in their fiverr account and thus not affected by Paypal. Since it was solved orders have gone up a little. (about 20 gigs ordered total) so it’s all good! Just need to reach my target of 8 gigs a day and it’s fine.