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What I'm I doing wrong?


Hi Fiverr community, I recently joined and I must say I’m both impressed and depressed.

Impressed because I love the idea of it all. Buyer meets seller. This means that buyers actively search for freelancers to carry out tasks for them.

However, I’m depressed.

I joined Fiverr hoping to make money doing what I have always loved, graphic design. I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to land my first order. Is it the title? Description? Price?

I have 3 gigs on my profile and even though my impressions are high I can’t seem to land an order. Here are my gigs in order of most favorite.

Please Fiverr community, go through my gigs and tell me what I’m missing. I would really appreciate it.



Hi @fayturi

Having a business on Fiverr will take work and patience. So don’t feel discouraged.

You could try the following:

  • Make sure that you are using the correct keywords for your service in your gig title.

  • Ensure that you did your research in choosing the popular search tags for the services that you offer. You could have viewed other people’s gigs to get an idea of what search tags to use. These are usually found at the end of the review section of a gig.

  • In your gig description, try to include the keywords at least 3 times or more if you are able to.

  • For you gig image, make sure that you include the services you are offering on the image and well as any special deals a buyer can get by using your services. Sometimes buyers may not read the gig title, so it’s good to include text on your gig images. Also, you are allowed three images so you can include a collage with samples of your design work for your invitations, flyers, background removal etc. Practice work that you have done can be used as samples as well once they look good. You look great. So I would suggest using images of yourself in your main gig image (the first photo the buyer will see) and as a form of branding your business.

  • Make sure you rename you gig image using the your keywords related to your services. You can put a space between each word. However, do not duplicate any keyword in the file name.

  • If you are not making any sales for a while, once the gig has no reviews on it, you can back up the data of your gig (gig description etc.) by copy and pasting the relevant information in Microsoft Word. You can then delete the gig and recreate it bearing in mind the suggestion I gave earlier. It is better to delete a gig that is not doing well and has no reviews than editing it because deleting and recreating it gives it a boost in the new arrivals section of Fiverr, giving buyers the opportunity to see it. Editing a gig does not do this.

Apply all these changes if your gigs were not set up this way and then watch over a few weeks to see if you notice any changes. All the best!


wow @acelawla thank you very much for your advice and taking the time to reply. I have gone through your reply and will make the necessary changes you’ve suggested. I look forward to making new clients and offer my services. Thanks!


You’re welcome (✿◠‿◠).


WOW learning so much