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What Importance Money OR Time?

Hey Guys,

May be Some of you agree or Not, But I think given your time to someone is more valuable than money,

I am a new seller, so I am not in a state to spend some money on the promotion, So I am offering some FREE Service for you.

What do you think? It’s Good or Not.


You obviously did not read TOS and fiverr rules.
You can not offer free service on fiver. Minimum price can be only 5$.
Providing free services wouldn’t get you reviews or anything else as people can place orders only with 5$ minimum spend.


Of course the time is very important because you need first some time to read fiverr TOS.

Of course - time is more important. But it’s not a marketing strategy that you should start offering free services to promote yourself. You can offer services at a lower price. But not free - And most welcome

Thanks for you suggestion, mariashtelle1
But we are not offering completely free services, at least we can offer Free trial, so that buyer can be satisfied & place the order, As I m a new seller.

Thanks muhammad_aliiee for the suggestion.

Thanks cherboub for the suggestion

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