"What industry does this order relate to? "


I’m noticing some of my new orders have a description called "What industry does this order relate to? " where my clients have to fill in as well before they complete their order requirements. Has anyone else noticed this?


Negatory. I have however heard of the “Private Feedback” and skill endorsements post delivery.


Yep, and for some this may matter, but to me, I’m finding it more of an annoyance. I don’t know why but it is for me.


No. i havn’t noticed but will notice now on new order.


Yes, noticed it as well today - went to edit the gig to see if I have any options for that, but nothing’s there.
We’ll just have to wait for more info on that I think.


I just came to the forum specifically to see if I could find out what that is because I saw it on an order just placed with me as well. It’s really not necessary for me.


Yup. Just saw it for my latest order.

Now have to figure out how to advise all future clients to direct my gig to the PROPER category. :o

Thank you Fiverr, for pulling a Facebook on us!


Yes, I’m noticing it today on my Voiceover orders. It appears Fiverr is testing out a new feature here. I’m not sure if it’s necessary for my category, but I’m sure there’s a good reason they’re doing it, and I’m sure things will be smoothed out quickly with it. :slight_smile:


Yes, I did notice this dumb question in one of my orders and opened a support request to find more.


Final question: Is it a bug, or is it a feature? :slight_smile:


I believe it is a temporary feature until made permanent to gauge where Buyers are coming from.
This could be a market analysis survey, so the marketing team gets some metrics for enhancement of Fiverr marketing.


so it will not affect the nature of our gigs??


I have noticed this on an intermittent basis too in the last week, just got another order that had this in there… But not all have it. strange…


I think this would work better if it was the responsibility of sellers to fill in this section on delivery.Many buyers would struggle as it is to fill in order details and all mine have so far selected ‘other’ for this.

In reality, what today’s deliveries should have been reported as was, real estate, transport & logistics, and fake male potency pill vendors. - Then again, ‘other’ probably does cover the last one pretty well.


Letting sellers do this would provide with a diluted and inadmissible survey metrics.
But most buyers are clicking other, so the method seems to be dysfunctional anyways.

Unless they can list a thousand categories (including fake male potency pill vendors)… lol


Why even ask this question? Is it so that they can refine the many categories of skills on the profile page? It seems someone thinks all sellers should fit into neat boxes, when the emphasis at one time was on being unique.


Such is the nature of a parasitic relationship. Go gobble up the host like the good parasite you are. Be sure to emit a moan that sounds like 20% along the way.

And yes, I think it’s nonsensical bullshit, but it’s trivial.


I have people fill in something different every time. One filled in banking and finance for my money spell.




I think the option is for the buyer however, I’m concerned it doesn’t get the buyer confused…