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What info should be matched with Fiverr account with payoneer account?

Can anyone tell me what info should match with payoneer account with fiverr account?
E.g my original name that i used in fiverr should be matched with payoneer account?
My NID card should be same for both account?

It is not necessary to match both info. But keep in mind that “one payment provider is for one fiverr account”… Nid can be different for both account…No problem… :grinning:

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You can apply for Fiverr Revenue Card (Payoneer Mastercard) after you have balance cleared up in your account. The details you provide while applying Fiverr Revenue Card must be correct and reflect your NID Card.
Hope this helps.


@jhakz1234 thanks a lot for your reply.

@techpig thanks for the information.