What is 3d vs. 2d


Is there an explanations of 2d vs. 3d somewhere.


Are you looking for a picture of 2-DIMENSION vs 3-DIMENSION or are you looking for a written explaination?




2D refers to objects or images that show only two dimensions; 3D refers to those that show three dimensions. Because reality exists in three physical dimensions, 2D objects do not exist. However, they can be portrayed in images and art.

source: https://www.reference.com/science/difference-between-2d-3d-8e856057f47efd69


A written one.


Looks like @ceylontech just posted a written one above; looks pretty awsome by the way!!


2-Dimension means having a flat surface with no depth, the only dimensions being height and width.

3-Dimension means having height, width, and depth, like real world objects.


Thanks, folks. I should’ve mentioned I was curious how that applies to book covers. As I understand it now, 3d is the book cover but also the spine and back cover. Whereas 2d is just the front.


Oh, why didn’t you say so???

Just PM’d you with examples of the covers. Didn’t want to post it here as it could be seen as self promotion!