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What is a best way to promote our gig out side fiverr and get customers / orders in fiverr?

Hello Everyone .

Just try all those old methods to get customer in fiverr by sharing gigs links , sharing gig on social networks , etc all old styles but no luck to get traffic in gigs.

  1. Social Media Sharing : Fail

  2. Sharing Links Online : Fail

  3. Add badge on website and get Customer : fail

Is there any other way to get lot’s traffic straight to my gigs ? what everyone doing to get more customers / click on your gigs ?

  • Many Thanks & Appriciated For Everyones Time

I’ve had similar experiences.

Sharing on social media simply did not yield any results. I have a LION account with thousands of LinkedIn contacts. I guess the market penetration of Fiverr isn’t deep enough for it to be a common household name, so even if you get traffic from your social media account, they are unlikely to create a new account on an unfamiliar website just to buy a gig.

I’ve had moderate success with direct blog ads.

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Social media sharing : Waste of time
Social media targeting : :tada:

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Yes, sharing can bring some views or even clicks, But targeting niche peoples is important.

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Hi , Thank you for reply , can you tell me more about direct blog ads for knowledge and information purpose ? ( Please do not contact anyone for buy gigs for promotion, )

: All about information and share knowledge

There are marketplaces for advertisers and publishers to buy and sell direct ad spaces on niche blogs, just google it. BuySellAds is probably the most popular of them, there are others as well.


There are even Fiverr gigs which sell direct blog ads.

You can create a banner link for your Fiverr page and place it on a niche blog and let us know how it went.

Thank you for reply , Is this allowed in fiverr ? because in fiverr terms and conditions says that driving traffic from google ad camping is not allowed !

Topic Is Close : No outer promotion allowd in fiverr.

Thank You Everyone
Hope this all information helps you too !

Providing traffic from other sources that use same method to drive traffic is not same ?

Do you have any experience to drive traffic from other sources to your gigs ? I never done this and i think i need to ask this for customer support ,

What you say ?

what do you mean by social media targeting