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What is a brief

Brief is a list of questions that help the graphic designer to understand the client, and the client is available to lay out his idea

It is an assistant that saves time and helps in creating the perfect design.

What should be in the brief?
/ Name, slogan, short description of the company or your activity. What features, values.

/Who are your customers (gender, age, what they do) / logo Specifications: style, color, shape, language, etc.

/Must have examples of logos you like and

In short, these are the main reasons you should
make a technical specification. Or the designer himself sends you his brief which you fill out.


It all about how you treat clients. and how you understood him/her thoughts.

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I am very sorry, recently on the site. Did not understand the category of this topic

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Thanks a lot for your help.

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It’s all what you think about your project. Like shape, pose, colors, letters, words…It also could be usefull if you give a few referenses of what you like or dislike. It helps)

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Hi. In fact, the description of what you want + some examples (but you can without them) help us to understand you and your desires.

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