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What is a fiverr choice order?

I created a custom order for a buyer today, and I got a message that the order is a Fiverr choice order. What does this mean?

One of your gigs has the “Fiverr’s Choice” badge when shown in the search engine. I’d have expected it to say that if they clicked on the link when it had that badge and then ordered directly but maybe it also counts as a Fiverr’s Choice order if the click on the link (while it has that badge), message you and then order from a custom offer for that gig, eg. in the same session.

I actually checked the gig. I doesn’t have the fiverr choice badge

The “write tech articles and programming tutorials for you” gig has the badge when I look (do a search) in a logged out browser if that was the one and when logged in.

Maybe it doesn’t show the badge to you in the search when logged in because you’re the seller. If it’s that one you could search for that gig in a logged out browser and see if you see the badge.

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Thanks. That’s the gig actually. I’ll check it from another browser

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Hope you get a lot of positive orders from this.

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Thank you. :grinning: :grinning: :blush: