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What is a Fiverr Seller’s Biggest Asset?

There are a lot of ways we succeed on Fiverr as sellers. Some of our biggest assets, IMO:

  1. Our customers
  2. Positive feedback
  3. Value propositions to buyers
  4. Our time.

What do YOU define as your biggest selling asset?


Not exactly a tip, is it? The answer is obvious anyway: your brain.

The rest is just meaningless fluff for pointless posts. Also, by making yourself your biggest asset, you’re not going to be helplessly floundering about because you only value yourself when others have stroked your ego.

How is a customer your asset? They’re another person who is coming to you to perform a service and hopefully leave positive feedback afterwards. And to come to a thread like this and say “I have no assets because I am new?”

You’re literally saying you’re useless before you can get out there to prove yourself. Wut.