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What is a Fiverr Seller's Biggest Asset?


There are a lot of ways we succeed on Fiverr as sellers. Some of our biggest assets, IMO:

  1. Our customers
  2. Positive feedback
  3. Value propositions to buyers
  4. Our time.

    What do YOU define as your biggest selling asset?


Honesty and giving a little bit more. I have tried my Web Traffic Booster on my own blogs and know that real people will be sent to each site who will visit and download what they like. One of my clients was about to run out of visits on a holiday, so I gave them an extra few hundred visits to see them through, they became my biggest repeat customer!


Reply to @mrdovie: Yes, you overdelivered which goes back to my #3 above: Value proposition…Good job!


A good relationship wit buyers and delivery (if possible) within one day ! And ability to respond to requested gig within 24hr. of their request


Reply to @dhanraj1994: Yeah, that’s a good one: Communication. Good answer!