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What is a 'Fiverr's Choice Order'?

I have searched the forum and could only find 2 topics relating to this, and their questions weren’t answered. So I will try my luck :wink: But moderators, feel free to delete this if necessary.

Keep in mind that I am not talking about the Fiverr’s Choice badge. I have the badge and I’ve had many “normal” orders since that.

But this week I got a message from Fiverr stating:

“X ordered your Gig as ‘Fiverr’s Choice’. Deliver outstanding work to be ‘Fiverr’s Choice’ again”

Does anyone know why this order was different?



Maybe “X” ordered it from Fiverr’s Choice section?

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Oh! There’s a Fiverr’s Choice section?? I had no idea! That makes sense, thank you!


Same here, I think there is no separate section for Fiverr’s choice, we just got the badge and when someone orders that gig, that order becomes Fiverr’s choice order. I think it’s that simple. I get more and better quality enquiries since I have been Fiverr’s choice.

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Yes, but not every order I get says it’s Fiverr’s Choice, and I still have the badge… so I don’t know :woman_shrugging: I asked CS, let’s see what they reply.