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What is a gig duplicate really?

Hello fellow sellers.

I was wondering what additional gigs are we allowed to create. The thought was inspired by this very article: How to get #1 SEARCH SPOT - Gig Optimisation - MUST READ

To get you into perspective: I am a composer. My field is composing for media (music for movies, video games, etc). I have the main gig where I basically create music in any genre for any type of media.
The question is: can I create a different gig for a niche genre? For instance, a different gig for horror music.
In this case, I would have two gigs: any music gig and horror music gig. They are different, but a customer would be able to order horror music in both of them. This is not a clear copy, but one of the gigs includes the other one.

Would this be considered a violation of ToS?

Thank you for you attention, all the best luck with your gigs!


Might want to contact Customer Support and ask them first, that way you won’t have any worries or concerns. Better safe than sorry, good luck.

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Thnak you, I’ll try contacting CS.

My suggestion is that in this time where stress is trough the roof not to contact CS for these minor questions.

In logo design we have GIG
minimalist logo
retro logo
geometric logo

So logically first one includes whatever client orders.

So it is the same for music.

You can have GIG duplicate but the description and images must be distinguished and unique on something (not all of it but something).
any music
calm music
weird music
dance music
funky music
bubba music

these are GIG duplicates, all OK by TOS

what is not allowed would be

retro minimalistic logo
logo minimalistic retro


Their question is pretty valid and may have an effect on their account if your information is slightly incorrect (not saying it is). It’s not like their questions is in regard to gig ranking or something silly of that nature. I personally would play it safe and cover my bases.


Thank you for breaking it down and sharing your experience! It really helps.

I guess I’ll have CS’s perspective on this because I’ve already sent them a message :upside_down_face: This may be a minor and silly question, but it really bothered me.

Yeah You can create the gig.


Thank you! Glad to know that.

If this was 2010 or 2012 then OK, but this is 2020 and contacting CS for something that can be found in TOS, help section or forum … why?

Look at the topics list. It is really impossible that in 10 years no one had the same question and obtained answer.

That was my point.

CS is for emergencies (ongoing order issue) and when you have question and for 2 days of reading and researching you can not find the answer.

Thank you, Marina. I got your message right the first time.

There’s one thing I struggle with. It is the attempt to impose responsibility on someone regarding contacting CS.

There’s no contacting CS restriction in TOS or Help Centre:

  • TOS has nothing related to it
  • Help Centre has a list of articles and advises! you to address them if the answer is not found

I understand the intention. Contacting CS without any research is not nice. I stand behind it. But reading Forum for two days before texting them? This is over the top.
I do not believe that any CS in the world could state “please read customer made forum for two days before texting us”. This is unprofessional, they would lose any credibility.

Also please mind that replying to customer queries is their job. If they do not want to reply to it, they should have a way to discard it. For example, by adding this to the Help Centre. And they would have little to NO way to know they needed to add this if I did not send them a letter. So this helps, in a way.

To sum up, I support your idea for the most part. you can see my point above. Thank you for your help.

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I am not saying what you did is wrong, in normal circumstances. But they are not normal. CS is swamped with questions and it is going to take maybe weeks or months until you get a reply. Due to COVID Fiverr has increase traffic and a huge number of people did not read the TOS and sending messages to CS for every tiny little thing. And your message is going to be in that mix. We read on forum complaints every day how CS is not responding for weeks.

That is the issue. I am not saying do not send a message to CS, I am saying it could take a long time for you to get a reply.
And for that reason, it is best to try to get an answer faster elsewhere.

If it is not emergency question, then it is not over the top. I researched an answer to my question for 3-5 days before posting topic.

You are right it’s really is tough for CS team right now due to the number of messages they receive. I’m happy people on the Forum managed to help me :slightly_smiling_face: