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What is a good conversion rate?

I just checked the conversion rate on my profile, and it said the conversion rate is about 3%. This seems very low to me. I expected it to be fairly low because a lot of people just browse through gigs without the intention to buy, but I did not expect it to be this low. What is a good conversion rate? What is your conversion rate? Do you have any tips to help me improve?

Any comments?

Conversion rate is irrelevant. What matters is how many orders you’re getting everyday.

For example, today my conversion rate is 3% overall. For my Facebook gig, I had a 50% conversion rate a few days ago. However, that gig has only made me $28 in its lifetime. My brand name gig had a 16.67% conversion rate a few days ago, and yet that gig gets between 2 to 10 orders a day, and has made me $4,800.

Let’s put it in perspective. If 10 people click on your gig and 5 order, that’s a 50% conversion rate. If 100 people click and 10 order, that’s much lower conversion rate, and yet you’re making twice the money.

Now let’s look at impressions and clicks. This past 7 days my most popular gig (brand names) had 1356 impressions, 50 clicks, and a number of orders, 30 I think. So, should I feel bad because I didn’t have 16.67% everyday? No, because that’s not a realistic. As long as I keep getting orders, I’m happy.

P.S. I took a look at your school homework gig. If you want to get more impressions, you need to think like a buyer. If I’m struggling with Trigonometry, I’m going to search “trigonometry” before I search “homework.” In fact, I might consider creating a gig for trigonometry, visual basic, html and CSS. Fiverr is like fishing, and you need more baits to catch those buyers.

On the other hand, if you’re a Web Developer and Writer, you might want to stick to those areas instead of being the homework guy as well. It’s up to you, experiment and see what works.


Like @Fastcopywriter said, conversion rate is less important than you think. On the one hand, it’s important because it serves as one way to measure the efficacy of your ad copy. But on the other hand, it can fluctuate so much that it’s difficult to get a good answer out of it. Speaking for myself, my conversion rate these days is sitting in a range between 4.1% and 5.7%, but my impressions/views tend to give me a better idea of how effective my gigs are.

Reply to @fastcopywriter:

Thanks for your comment! That makes a lot of sense! And I actually deleted my homework gig. I was thinking that it doesn’t really fit into what I do, and then I saw your comment!

Reply to @jamesbulls:

Thanks for your response! I am starting to learn through my own experience that it does not matter much either.

Reply to @friendlywebguy: The other thing to remember is the difference between your overall conversion rate listed on the analytics page and the individual conversion rate listed on each gig. My overall conversion rate jumps around a lot, but my best seller converts around 11%.

Reply to @jamesbulls: Hey James - is there a good way to find this data easily?

Our individual gig stats lists: impressions, clicks, views, orders, cancellations. I’d calculate it myself, but I’m not sure if it’s orders/views, orders/clicks, or something else.

Thanks man!

Reply to @jamesbulls:

I wasn’t even aware you could find an individual gig conversion rate! Do you mind sharing how to do that?

Reply to @friendlywebguy: My pleasure. If you’re not happy with a gig, it’s not getting enough orders, or it takes too long to complete each order, deleting it makes sense.

Reply to @friendlywebguy and @david388: To my knowledge, there isn’t a proper screen that shows your conversion rate easy-peasy like there is on the analytics pages. The conversion rate listed on each gig requires a little bit of math, and it also depends on what you want to measure: converting impressions into clicks, and converting clicks into orders.

For example, since launch, my best seller has 12k impressions, 768 clicks, and 54 orders. I’m not counting views because I don’t know how many people visited my gig multiple times before ordering (I have roughly twice as many views as I have clicks which tells me that a lot of buyers are window-shopping or making side-by-side comparisons before they buy.)

So, 768 clicks divided by 12k impressions means that my first conversion is happening at 6.4%. From there, 54 orders divided by 768 clicks means that my second conversion is happening at 7.03%. This fluctuates a lot. A few weeks ago it was at 11%, now it’s at 7%, but I’m sure it’ll go back up again as the summer goes on.

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helo this is khadija. my conversion rate is 0.16%.what its mean ?it is good or bad for me.i want to know what is conversion rate and how it calculate views clicks and impression?


I have already answered this on another thread but for your ease here it is again:

I appreciate you have asked such vague ambigious question on the platform. Let’s be little clearer and realistic with our knowledge on the platform of 4-5 years.

The answer to your main question is that there is no good conversion rate but the higher you get the better which means for sure that buyers are most likely interested in your services and actually buying from you regardless of your pricing tables which also indicates that you’re gig has nothing no loopholes at all if you’re good conversions bounced up to max level.

You’re all set!

The second question is quite interesting as well that “Does conversion rate impact your fiverr ranking?”
The clear answer is that if you have a conversion rate around 6-10% on a specific gig for instance on a gig “ABCD” and you’re another active gig is which is also performing well on the platform but it’s conversion rate is lesser than 2%.

So be my guest let me know which of your gig is most likely to be appeared on the top of the search and categories just because of difference of conversion rate?

You know the answer, you’re getting bulk orders because it has something classy which leads the buyer to purchase it and so fiverr would push it to the top becuase it’s “SELLING like a charm”.

That was all from knowledge, If you need anything else to ask. Drop it & let me know.

Good Luck to All Sellers!