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What is a good goal for a newbie seller?

I am a new sellers, and no, this is not a discussion asking about how to get buyers!

For sellers under a month old, should I aim for 1 a day?

I see people getting 5 a day or more! I am amazed at how they have gotten so many in the course of a day.

That said, should I try to get 1 a day to get up to level 1?

Thank you!

That depends on you. One or more a day sounds like a good goal to start with.

@lmwells You just started, give it some time. Over deliver and always on time! good luck

What should a level one seller be expecting a day? 2?

My advice… offer a lot for little. Look at what other sellers in your category are selling and for how much. Then beat all of their prices and offer the best deal. It will take more work, but it will help you gain the momentum and build up a strong clientele.

Reply to @yourhighness: Very good advice! Thank you so much!

I wouldn’t place priority on how many a day, personally, but on how well you perform as a seller. It can feel demoralizing if you have a goal of 1,2, or 10 a day and you get none that day. Even worse when a dry spell comes and it’s none for even longer.

If you focus instead on polishing your gigs, checking for errors, improving your images/videos and then when an order or 2 or 10 does come in you work on making those GREAT you will hit level 1 when the time is right. Quality over quantity and remembering that orders can come in balanced or in lumps can help you feel like nothing is “wrong” with what you are doing. Good luck!

Reply to @yourhighness: The best advice you can share! Here is one simple example how when you offer a lot for little you can have a rocket start:

That girl is writing up to 1500 words for $5. And average in writing category is 400 words. 3-4 times more for same amount!

I do not promote her, I just found her on forum. See, she is having 10 orders in queue right now and she is here only 20 days!

Is it hard work? Yes, but in couple of months she will have great customer base for sure!

@m2web thanks for using me as an example, and it is a good strategy for entering the marketing in any business, not just on Fiverr.

As for daily goals, i am very new on Fiverr and have tried to avoid getting into that head game of “how many orders are enough each day”, don’t psyche yourself out. What i’d advise is have a big picture of what you want to achieve with your Fiverr gigs. Is it a hobby or a business? What is enough for a hobbyist is different from what is enough for someone whose sole income is Fiverr. So you should aim for whatever makes you achieve your goals, then work towards reaching that target every day. If you reach it, great, if you don’t reach it, don’t stress just work harder