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What is a good rate of clicks from total impressions?

Hi guys,

I was wondering how many clicks you all get out of you impressions. For the past month I had 1400 impressions and 160 clicks. It’s 11,5% or something.

I’m very curious about your rates :slight_smile:


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I think that is a good rate, but every service has different numbers!

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Hi,yours number is quite good.i think average rate is around 6 or 7%.

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11.5% is pretty good for a click through rate, but what’s the conversion rate?
How many of those clicks did you turn into orders?

If you wish to stand out and get more clicks then add a video. (Not a cheap whiteboard video, but something more professional.)

Most likely it will also improve conversion.

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I would say the 40 to one sales ratio applies quite well here.
For every 40 people that click should 1 convert to customer or further interest

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how can i get a good rate of clicks and impressions???

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Be awesome and unique