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What Is A "High Sales Volume" (TRS)?


We all know the TRS specifications are pretty vague, I’m just wondering what constitutes a high volume of sales. What is a “high volume of sales” that would take someone from Level 2 to TRS (assuming every other aspect is met as well)?

  • Closer to $3k to $5k a month
  • Closer to $10k a month
  • More than $10k a month

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And I made the poll anonymous :slight_smile:


Just wanted to state, please don’t guess at this. some of us really would like to know so if you don’t know the answer, don’t “assume”.


I think this is going to be a tough thing to define even though I’m far from a TRS! I have seen some TRS accounts with a few hundred reviews (maybe they earn more $$$ per sale?) and others that have thousands. I’ve seen many that have thousands of reviews and are level 2.

I’m thinking that Fiverr hasn’t really used a set system with their manual selection of TRS, but has somehow considered volume as relative to something else. So, what is the something else? Mysterious. Maybe others can make their own guesses! :slight_smile:

Edited to add: I know @uncarved just asked people not to guess, but I honestly don’t think even the current Top Rated Sellers would know the answer other than their own stories.


Agreed :slight_smile: It would be nice to hear from someone who knows.

I made the poll anonymous because I thought it would be rude to have people answer otherwise, but I’m hoping to hear from TRS/staff.


Love your new pic BTW! @uncarved

@sydneymorgan - you’d be better asking how long a piece of string is - I don’t think there’s a one size fits all answer for anything where Fiverr’s concerned. :slight_smile:

You’re obviously very good at what you do, so just keep doing it, and TRS will follow I’m sure!


Thanks @offlinehelpers :wink:


@offlinehelpers Thank you!

I’m really hopeful for it, but I have no idea if I’m anywhere near the mark. If the one vote so far is from anyone who knows anything (more than $10k) I apparently have a ways to go!

Maybe @writer99025 and other TRS forum-goers will vote? :slight_smile:


Good luck! I agree with @offlinehelpers on “string theory” (Quantum TRS theory) and I won’t vote because I definitely don’t know. I just don’t think there is one answer. :slight_smile: I do think you fit the criteria that is more obvious, you seem active, friendly, your gigs look good, etc. Volume… :question:


If heard from a very trusted source that if you offer up your first born child on a sacrificial altar of green granite, this can also be used as collateral for TRS badge awards. This is why most Fiverr sellers are single and childless.

Please note, however, that you only need to offer up your first born child, In this case, if you are a family orientated seller, you can keep any remaining children and should just see this as an opportunity to get rid of your least photogenic child or your most poorly behaved.


I would Love to be a TRS, I have one gig that is featured, and have over 1500 positive reviews! Still hoping though


I am not sure if volume means number of sales, or total dollar amount per month.

Some TRS earn $1000 a month and others earn over $10,000 a month so the dollar volume is not a good indicator.

I’m sure effort and dedication are part of the formula along with good communication skills.

There might be various levels of TRS’s and possibly various levels of others.


TRS need a consistent volume in terms of number of sales.

There’s no $$$ quota per month.

This poll is definitely not on point.


I agree. I couldn’t vote in this poll since these amounts are not realistic and there is a lot more than simply dollar amounts which determines if someone is a TRS.

I also agree that there is no set amount of earnings per month to be a TRS.


@frank_d and @misscrystal Thanks for your input!

I wasn’t sure if “high volume of sales” was measured in revenue or number of orders. I’m still a Level 2 (possibly for life at this point!) and didn’t know if there was a general “minimum earnings” standard in place.


Sure, glad we could help!


And to give you another hint, from what I’m discussing every month with my success manager from Fiverr:

it’s ALL about consistency.

Having a peak month where you sold 500 gigs, and then spend the next couple of months looking at the monitor is not going to help with a TRS promotion.

You need to get your numbers (sales, cancellation ratio, reviews, conversion) up to a certain level and maintain that level. :slight_smile:


That is super helpful! :smile: Consistency is key after all, I appreciate that advice.


I never even considered that but have always naturally been very consistent. It’s amazing how consistent my monthly income is actually and I’ve always wondered about how that is possible.

When I start to get ahead of that amount sales stop until it stays even. It’s like there is a regulator built into the system.


I don’t really worry too much about such things. I just do my orders to the best of my ability, deliver and forget about it. Most of my clients are repeat buyers, they don’t care about whether I am TRS/level 1/level 2/or whatever. They just want articles written and the job done.


Really, I think you should get over your obsession with the TRS tag. This is the second or third time you have talked about it here. You will get it when you get it, no need to lose any sleep over it. Just focus on your work, the rest of the stuff will take care of itself.