What is a link wheel in SEO?


someone answer me, Link wheel is the advanced SEO strategy. The idea of the link wheel is to create a pattern of links flow from one website to another website and link that website to your main website. However, if social media sites are applied to create the link wheel, then that is referred to as social media marketing.
but i dont know how to creat it ? have any expert here .please describe


I see you already answered your own title question :slight_smile:

But surely you cannot expect people to show you how to create that - you have to learn it yourself, especially if you want to turn this into a gig/service.

More so, your profile says you’re an SEO and social media expert - not only does that mean you know how to learn it yourself, but doesn’t it mean that as an expert you should have known how to do it by now?

As far as I see from your profile and gigs, you are the expert here :slight_smile:


dear .there are many parts of off page SEO and link wheel is one of them .one man does not know everything i want to learn here .do you help me, sir


You want him to teach you for free? Have you thought about asking him to tutor you and paying him for his efforts?

By the way, calling people ‘dear’ can be seen as flirting. Do you want Woofy to think that you’re flirting with him?


Out of pure curiosity, what happens if he answers yes?


That would be between Woofy and him. :slightly_smiling_face:


I think it would be better if an Ancient History professor were to answer this question about Link Wheels.

It is widely believed* that they were first used by the Ancient Egyptians in order to get their fancy new pyramids to show up in search results ahead of Wikipedia results.

*Not really, I am just saying this SEO method is outdated


Talking about history, a Link Wheel probably is some version of the Catherine Wheel, also known as Breaking Wheel. Links can Break, as can other stuff, so maybe a Link Wheel is what you need to counter a Breaking Wheel.


Would you give one of your gigs for free? @Woofy31 and everyone else who knows about link wheel and how to create it spent their own time and resources to learn how to use it. Furthermore, they are busy working their gigs and more than likely do not have time to donate to teaching you for free.



“There’s no such thing as a free education”.

True. Unless, of course, you’re being trained by Mr. Miagi. :wink:

But that usually ends in a tense karate fight, so, I suppose that still counts as a cost. :stuck_out_tongue: