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What is a skill that we can learn in 30 days for providing a service in fiverr?

Hello guys,
Do any of you know about a skill which doesn’t take much time to learn, but has a high demand on freelancing platforms. If you know, then leave your thought down below.

Thank you,
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Having patience! :upside_down_face:


I know patience is a key to achieving success online! But my query is what skill is worth learning :slight_smile:

What is a skill that we can learn in 30 days for providing a service in fiverr?

I’m amazed you think skills, expertise, and excellency can be found in a box of soap. :roll_eyes:

Bad news… No, you won’t find any of them there.


I understand :slight_smile: slight_smile: You are taking my question in a bad intention. What I am looking for here is to find an aim! that is, now I know a little bit of everything(photoshop, writing, video editing, social media, etc.) I am planning to excel in any one of these skills. What skill that I should start leaning which is worth it.

by the by, thanks for your reply :heart_eyes:

Research might be a good skill. It might be in demand and if it’s not, with that skill you could find out what is in demand on freelancing platforms generally.


Can you explain how to find high demand skills on fiverr? Any method.

This thread might give you some ideas:


If there was such a skill, everyone would be learning it, and then there would be more sellers offering it than buyers who need it.


No, I’m not taking with bad intention. I’m being very true and honest with you.

Skills, expertise and excellency cannot be achieved in short time, and clearly not in 30, 60 or even 90 days. All of them take time, plenty time and effort to build up.


Hey! That was a gold mine!

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Thats true! I agree with it! Can you please refer to myabove reply! Then you will get what i am really asking for!

Ok. I understand and thanks again for your reply😁

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This is the most required skill to get things done for any field. :nerd_face:


If you learnt a skill, what makes you think that in 30 days, it wouldn’t be in lesser demand? If you ever learn or improve on a skill, don’t think demand, think personal development.


Social Engineering could be your best choice.

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