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What is affiliate marketing?

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an approach where brands pay people a commission to promote their products or services.

For example, A Fiverr affiliate may promote sellers or services on Fiverr that they find particularly useful to their networks; if anyone in their network becomes a Fiverr customer as a result of their promotions—that affiliate gets paid. It’s a simple concept and a growing way for those with a web presence and social following to earn extra passive income.

Is Affiliate Marketing a Legitimate Way To Earn Money?

Affiliate marketing is all about connecting the people in your network to brands and services they will find useful. As with many marketing channels, the larger your network or audience the more potential you have to earn.

There are no investments, and you don’t have to buy stock to start affiliate marketing. You simply join an affiliate program and start telling people about products you already use and love. When customers buy, the brand knows you sent someone their way by tracking your affiliate code or link.

So, in short, yes. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and scalable way of earning money online.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

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If Fiverr is looking to get more sellers actively marketing Fiverr using affiliate ads, it really needs to change its policy regarding links to and mentions of personal blogs in Fiverr profiles etc.

If you are a seller on Fiverr, it doesn’t really make sense to add links from personal blogs to Fiverr (or even mention Fiverr) given that doing things the other way round is a TOS violation.

Maybe Fiverr could officially revamp it’s links to personal websites policy to make being a Fiverr affiliate more appealing?


I agree, affiliate marketing + Fiverr just raises way too many red flags.


I was looking specifically in that article for how the links work.
If you have an affiliate link for Amazon it’s for a specific product. I assume it’s the same for fiverr. It would be for a specific seller.

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It is a great move. It beats the lazy idea of Fiverr and other freelance arbitrage platforms. The affiliate idea forces sellers to take on more hands-on strategies to marketing. Smart!

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It would work if you have an outstanding video for example on youtube, and put in your comments about it the link to the seller you got it from, and the link to the seller who made your logo, or the seller who did your audio, your music, etc.

I had always curiosity about the Fiverr Affiliate, still no idea how it works. But from now I have started studying this.

Would love to start working on this, seems interesting and great way of earning.

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Who is earning by affiliate marketing?