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What is all this stuff?


Can somebody please explain why there are so many external sites being used to run this site?

I can understand AWS (well, not really, but that’s just me), but

  • cloudinary
  • discourse
  • fiverr cdn
  • intercom
  • perimeterx
  • forter
  • appboy
  • google

No wonder this site doesn’t work right. It’s got too much third party crud to run right! And it’s not behind the scenes, but running visible to me with the site itself!

This information is freely available from my simple browser security software, so don’t blame me for posting it.


Is the list for the forum or the main site?


Install noscript on FF @DJ. That approximates everything…

I had to uninstall noscript because it made browsing a constant allow click to view shit.


i use ghostery.

i know the trackers already, was just wondering where his list came from


in noscript there’s a list. I disabled it a while back because I got tired of the extra clicking when looking at buyer websites). Anyway you individually click on each thing and presto. Is ghostery less tedious?


yes. It is quite robust.
Give it a shot.

about 90% website are using some form of javascript. So keeping noscript on almost makes a site handicapped. Especially if you are frequenting that site.


A combo, and I forgot a few.

And these aren’t all tracking systems specifically. I absolutely hate it when people load any third party crap on an encrypted page. Kind of defeats the purpose. I think that most of these are not trackers.

Discourse is tied to the forums I think, intercom is probably a notifications system, I’d assume cloudinary is some sort of cloud services provider, I’m guessing the CDN stands for content delivery network. Perimeterx might be a security service, or a load balancer, or something else entirely. And of course we have AWS, from the people who said ‘you mean we shouldn’t put every item listing in the same database’ and ‘if we shut it down, it might not come back up.’ The Google I mentioned is for the login captcha I believe, because the login won’t run without it (and a few others in the list as well).


The security software I’m using allows me to override the blocking per provider and type of ‘thing’ blocked. I can then save the overrides per site I’m using. It’s still really annoying me though, because it takes me 20 minutes to figure out which thing the site needs to run this time. This is the most trouble I’ve had with any site on the web.

Of course, I wouldn’t need programs to do this if people who sell ad space would actually check the ads before they pass them on, which is what prompted the extra security originally.